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The Hartly Takes Advantage of the Loose Restriction to Create One of the Best Nightlife Experiences in Toronto

When the global pandemic rocked the world, restrictions were placed as a precaution to ensure the safety of people. In its wake, businesses were forced to shut down. However, with the development of vaccines, the restrictions loosened up, allowing business owners to pick up where they left off. One of the industries that suffered the most was the nightlife industry, and with the protocols updated, the industry is back in full swing. The city of Toronto is one of the latest to bring back some color into the night as The Hartly opens its doors to the masses.

The Hartly is the latest establishment in the night scene that combines Japanese and Latin-inspired cuisine. Doubling as a restaurant and bar, it provides an ambiance that invites customers to experience the music they missed and a fabulous vibe. Hartly’s exquisite food can be attributed to its chef, Daniel Ken.

Daniel Ken’s expertise can be traced back to his experience in Brazil. He has lent his culinary skills to establishments like Villa Pariko, Fish, Ko, Nira Sushi, and Kame Kami. Chef Daniel would also travel to Germany and Japan, giving him the experience to specialize in Japanese cuisine. Eventually, he moved to Canada, where his unique ability and techniques in Japanese and Latin fusions have been a highlight for visitors of The Hartly. Apart from the two cuisines, Daniel Ken’s menu features eccentric cocktails and food that complements the restaurant and bar’s overall ambiance.

“We revamped the space with Chef Daniel Ken, who was previously with Blowfish and Lavelle,” shared co-owner Josh Herman and also elaborated, “The downstairs is all we’ve opened up so far; it features a restaurant and lounge with a variety of theatre and burlesque shows. We’ve built a stage, changed fixtures, and added a 25-person communal table that doubles as a runway for entertainment. We’ve (also) redesigned the whole space with a new footprint and functionality.”

While the menu and dining experience are reason enough for anyone to visit the Hartly, the venue’s ambiance and structure allow it to be a setting for performances that patrons will find unique and entertaining. The Hartly serves as one of the most prospective establishments for dates, business meetings, hangouts, and even those looking to socialize once again, owing to the venue’s relaxing and inviting atmosphere. 

The Hartly’s ownership is shared between Reza Abedi, Josh Herman, and Sam Reznick. Together, they are working on expanding their brand and opening branches throughout Toronto and outside the state. With its products and services, The Hartly is apt to attract all kinds of customers and provide them with an extraordinary dining experience.

As the pandemic restriction loosens its grip, the management is optimistic about The Hartly becoming the go-to hub for people looking to relax, spend time with friends, and enjoy some of the best cuisines any restaurant has to offer. Learn more about The Hartly by visiting its official website. You can also reach out to them through Facebook and Instagram.

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