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The Life Coach School Helps People Transition into New, Fulfilling Careers

Do you feel stuck in your current situation? The Life Coach School can help you leave it. This life-changing school offers individualized coaching from talented life coaches as well as a certification program that enables you to become a life coach yourself.

The Life Coach School is a unique training and coaching program that takes people from their current careers into ones they truly want. Judith Gaton, for example, transitioned from being a lawyer to becoming a style and image coach through her involvement with the school. Former accountant Kara Gaisie transformed into a money-mindset and business coach. Many psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals are drawn to the school as it widens the range of assistance they can provide clients.

The Life Coach School’s CEO, Erika Royal, understands the program’s advantages from personal experience. In her previous career, she was a Harvard-educated corporate attorney for 22 years.

The spark of change

While Royal enjoyed litigation in the beginning, as the years went on, she began to lose touch with her initial motivation. In addition, her domestic responsibilities contributed to her feeling overburdened and resentful.

“My mind used to go a million miles a minute,” she said. “As a woman professional and mother of three small children, I felt stuck in an endless loop, and I was just always thinking of the next thing I had to do. I was very caught up in making sure that my life worked, but not actually living it and being in it.”

When she got back from a family vacation and found herself enjoying it for the first time only while making a photo book, Royal understood she had a problem. “I went, ‘Oh my God, I wasn’t even there,” she said. “My husband saw me making this book, and asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I answered, ‘I’m finally enjoying this.’ I realized then that I was just really unhappy in my life.”

Working with a certified life coach from The Life Coach School helped Royal change her mindset. In the end, this small adjustment triggered a whole new life.

A shift in mindset

One of the first things Royal’s life coach had her do was write down a list of 25 things she really wanted.

“I started writing the list, but I got stuck when I got to 12,” she said. “It’s hard to come up with 25 things. Then, [my life coach] said to include things that you already have. That helped me realize that the life I had — a corporate lawyer, married with three children — was a life that I created. When I was in law school, this is what I wanted more than anything. I created this because I wanted it.”

Remembering her past desires shifted how Royal thought about her present situation, enabling her to shed difficult feelings and recommit to her family. “It increased my own happiness so much in terms of how I felt about my life and my relationships with my children with my husband,” she said.

That’s why she credits The Life Coach School for changing her life. “My life coach made me see that I could choose to see myself as a victim, or choose to see myself as someone who should be grateful, who was so blessed and so lucky — someone who had choices,” she said. “I learned that I was in control of my own happiness because I was in control of my own thoughts.”

Empowered by this realization, Royal began taking certification classes at The Life Coach School on the side. Once she completed the program, she took clients while still working as a lawyer. When the school’s founder, Brooke Castillo, asked her to become CEO, she was able to quit her day job completely.

Be the person you want to be

According to Royal, the biggest way The Life Coach School helps people change their lives for the better is by helping them create the belief that it’s possible. The school’s coaches and instructors also provide powerful examples of what’s possible by switching careers, including the freedom to work remotely, greater work/life balance and flexibility, as well as increased income.

“If you believe you’re going to be rejected, or if you believe that you’re not going to be successful, then no matter how great your plan is, you’re not going to do it,” Royal said. “You need to go in and root out those beliefs, those unconscious drivers that you have. Find them and deal with them.”

With the help of The Life Coach School, people can not only develop this self-awareness but also learn how to give themselves permission to be the person they want to be. “People need to understand that it’s okay to change your mind,” Royal said. “It’s okay to shift and pivot. If that’s one thing that 2020 taught us, it’s that things can change very quickly, and so can you.”

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