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The Modern Nonprofit Model Is Broken. Here’s How ShareYourself Succeeds in Fixing It

Data suggests that the modern nonprofit model has failed to create a sustainable positive social impact when it comes to the world’s most pressing issues. Now more than ever, these institutions need to be fixed so our society can progress in a much more meaningful way. There are countless hurdles that are preventing nonprofits from inciting social change despite the many resources that are available, and it’s becoming more and more wasteful with each passing day. Fortunately, ShareYourself has thoroughly identified the key problems and is working towards a sustainable solution for all.

The traditional nonprofit model involves organizations collecting capital, but only a handful of them can accomplish their goals as the capital is scarcely distributed according to the needs of the people who need it. In 2020, America recorded over $471 billion in donations to charitable organizations, with 80% of them coming from individuals. However, less than 1% of all nonprofit organizations surveyed by the watchdog group,, have been deemed effective. 

A little over half of Americans (specifically 52%) have expressed their trust in nonprofits to do what is right compared to 54% who trust the for-profit sector. Research has also shown that the percentage decreased over time with Gen Z’s trust at 45% compared to the Greatest Generation’s trust at 70%

The numbers prove that individuals strive to affect change, but change cannot be attained when the organizations powering them are declining. It’s clear to see that the current system just isn’t working, and it’s time for us to adopt a revolutionary method for sustainable social change. With traditional nonprofit models, money enters organizations and goes through a lengthy, diminishing process before it gets distributed to people in need. Middlemen then earmark large amounts for their own paychecks, distributing the funds to contractors with bloated fees.

This trend needs to stop; if nonprofits operate on a broken model, the clamor for social change won’t be enough to actually solve the issues that our world is currently facing. In the age of corporate social responsibility, individuals have banded together, seeking to break tradition. ShareYourself is an open project management and social engagement platform that is designed from the ground up to guide people’s success as a changemaker. The organization consists of like-minded thought leaders, activists, and businesses who collectively address humanity’s most pressing challenges.

ShareYourself provides a unique platform where leaders can get the tools they need to succeed through innovative means. It merges the modern crowdfunding model with a suite of project management tools and an open forum for collaboration. The platform acts as a centralized digital space for individuals to donate directly to changemakers, allowing the donors to learn from them and eventually become changemakers themselves. Project leaders receive funds within two days of a user’s donation, but ShareYourself has been working to integrate their platform with the blockchain to shorten the waiting period to under two minutes.

Time is of the essence, and dire situations need us to act fast. By cutting out the middleman, ShareYourself rapidly increases the turnaround time for impact leaders to create solutions allowing the resources to go to those in need as fast as possible. Although many people are under the impression that social change can only be done with money, ShareYourself has been working to prove that it takes more than just capital to accomplish the goal. 

ShareYourself allows individuals to donate not only their dollars but also their time and talent. The company believes that efficacy is predicated on clarity, adding tools for project teams to utilize and adding transparency to their planning process. ShareYourself partners with businesses to give them insights into the aspirations of their employees, allowing them to develop a shared vision of philanthropic goals between employer and employee.

Currently, ShareYourself has over 7,000 users and counting. There are over 1,500 projects on the platform, and that number continues to grow with each passing day. The team behind ShareYourself hopes to foster a community of like-minded changemakers who are actually on a mission to incite social change and make the world a better place. The organization is fixing the broken nonprofit model through innovative means, and the right people are gravitating towards the solution.

To know more about ShareYourself, visit the organization’s official website

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