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The Phenomenon of Bishop Dr. Ethan W. Ogletree Sr. & His Enlightening New Book Burn Like A Fire

Dr. Ethan W. Ogletree Sr. Burn Like A Fire_2
Photo Courtesy: Bishop Dr. Ethan W. Ogletree Sr.

By: Kimberly J. Lewis

In the realm of theological and biblical scholarship, rare are the gems whose dedication to enlightening minds and enhancing spiritual growth holds firm regardless of the torrential downpours of societal or personal pressures. Amongst the esteemed cadre of these spiritual architects, one name that resounds profoundly is Bishop Dr. Ethan Ogletree Sr.

An ardent scholar, a faithful minister, and an acclaimed author, Dr. Ogletree Sr. possesses a unique facet in his character – an innate ability to illuminate the spark in every soul he encounters. Emerging from his profound dedication to divine service and community upliftment is his latest published offering: “Burn Like A Fire.”

Steeped in the rich cerebral tenor of Dr. Ogletree’s thoughts, the book explores the transformative potency of the Holy Spirit, elaborating on how believers can harness its divine grace to nourish their spirits. It promises readers a journey of introspection, urging them to invite God into their lives and reap the radiant blessings that follow.

The Houston Graduate School of Theology, where Dr. Ogletree earned his Doctor of Ministry and Master of Divinity Degrees, endowed him with a robust foundation for his spiritual ventures. His academic prowess also boasts a Bachelor of Science Degree from Regents College, further fortifying his extensive understanding of biblical themes. This intellectual lineage blesses his literary voice with a unique blend of erudition and fervor, making his works resonate with varied readers worldwide.

Dr. Ogletree’s life is a deftly woven tapestry encompassing more than exclusive intellectual milestones. He cherishes the love of his remarkable family, led by his wife, Dr. Pamela Ogletree, who represents the epitome of strength, compassion, and resilience. Their two sons and a daughter, along with three beloved grandchildren, adorn his life with joy and inspiration, reinforcing his commitment to service.

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Photo Courtesy: Bishop Dr. Ethan W. Ogletree Sr.

As a recognized leader and regular participant in community service, Dr. Ogletree gained the prestigious President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The accolade recognizes individuals who have dedicated over 4000 hours of their lifetime to volunteering and community service, a testament to Dr. Ogletree’s enduring commitment to his community.

Beyond his new book, Dr. Ogletree’s literary portfolio contains two notable works available on Amazon: “The Power of Agreement” and “Connections Matter.” Diving into these books allows readers to further explore the spiritual wisdom that Dr. Ogletree imparts through his teachings.

In his own words, Dr. Ogletree urges, “I encourage each one of you to heed this testimony, to submit your will to God’s divine plan, and to release the inner hurts and burdens that weigh heavily upon your soul.” In this charge, nestled is the essence of his mission: fostering personal growth and spiritual awakening through connecting with the divine.

Dr. Ethan W. Ogletree Sr. Burn Like A Fire

Photo Courtesy: Bishop Dr. Ethan W. Ogletree Sr.

On April 28, 2024, the official book launch and signing for “Burn Like A Fire” is slated to take place at New Destiny Praise and Worship Center in Houston, TX, immediately after the 10 am worship service. Readers across the geographical spectrum are invited to attend, extending an avenue for deeper connections with Dr. Ogletree.

For more information or questions about the book launch and signing event, feel free to contact the church at 281.580.8686 or visit Additional connection opportunities are available through Facebook pages and for Dr. Ogletree directly at

In summary, Bishop Dr. Ethan Ogletree Sr. instills in every endeavor a distinct aspect of his humane and spiritual character. His new book, “Burn Like A Fire,” promises to be a beacon of spiritual enlightenment that guides its readers to a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship with the divine. As we anticipate its launch, we also celebrate the life and works of Dr. Ogletree, a cornerstone of spiritual scholarship and community service. His illustrious career and unrivaled dedication inspire us all to embrace a life steered by spirituality, compassion, and service.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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