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The Power of Factual Storytelling: Dr. Robert J. Smith Brings Influence and Persuasion to Businesses and Professionals

The Power of Factual Storytelling: Dr. Robert J. Smith Brings Influence and Persuasion to Businesses and Professionals
Photo Courtesy: Adam Ayash, Photo Owned by Robert J. Smith

By: Howard Beale

Renowned speaker Dr. Robert J. Smith, CEO of Smith Profits, Smith Comics, and of Robert J. Smith Productions Companies, traverses the country, enlightening sales teams, professionals, and businesses on the incredible power of ‘factual storytelling’. His seminars robustly respond to the persistent question in his audiences, “What changes can we make right away to gain the biggest impact?”

Dr. Smith’s approach intertwines unique strategies — enhancing sales conversion through the application of scientific factual storytelling — the power of influence and persuasion based on Dr. Robert Cialdini’s lauded work, and finally, implementing a set of solutions deemed ‘Small Bigs.’

Small Bigs are a series of actionable persuasions and influence strategies gleaned from the insights of Dr. Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. To date, said seminal work has sold over 5 million copies globally. As Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize Laureate and Author of Nudge, Misbehaving and Nudge: The Final Edition, evocatively stated, “If the President had to have one advisor with him at all times, my nomination would be Bob Cialdini, the world’s most practical social psychologist, and the master of “influence.”

The strategic architecture of Small Bigs intends to equip professionals with the understanding of how to correct common persuasion mistakes, use liking to increase online conversions, apply consistency to achieve 100% agreement, extract approval for budget requests through authority, leverage social proof for more upsells, elicit agreement from committees via consistency. 

Further, the principles apply to the convincing use of reciprocity to gain more clients and referrals, adopting the principle of unity to garner client and staff loyalty, having productive meetings through consistency, and leveraging authority to drive conversions.

Quite significantly, Small Bigs also elucidates the approach to applying legitimate scarcity for flourishing product launches, prudently employing social proof to gain agreement — whether in the majority or the minority- and how consistency can amplify donations for charity organizations. For managers, consistency can harness increased team effectiveness, while a true understanding of scarcity can boost sales by over 500%.

Each of these strategies is underpinned by real examples of proven successes, as provided by Dr. Cialdini himself. Dr. Smith, on his part, extends these strategies into the realm of practicality with actionable strategies and proven results that professionals and enterprises can adopt for tangible results.

Beyond his illuminating seminars, Dr. Smith is finalizing a professional video series elucidating on the Small Bigs. The series promises a comprehensive guide, along with practical applications that can be implemented immediately to drive impact.

While the power of influence and the magic of storytelling are winning combinations that Dr. Smith uses to serve his audiences, success is also brought by consistency. Consistency is a principle that runs through many of the Small and Big strategies, like facilitating agreement, driving productive meetings, guiding effective team management, or achieving higher donations for a cause.

In closing, with Dr. Smith’s solutions, the focus is primely on immediate and substantial impact. Designed to help professionals and enterprises realize their sales and conversion objectives, the tools he presents are not just theoretical concepts but a result of experience, expertise, and proven success.

For those keen on exploring Dr. Smith’s insights in-depth, his extensive work and contributions are available on his social media platforms and websites. More detailed insights can be gleaned from,,, and Dr. Smith’s influential presence is also visible on his social media pages: LinkedIn (, IMDB (, YouTube (, and Twitter (

Published by: Martin De Juan

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