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The Power of Precision: Martin Investigative Services Leads with Comprehensive ‘Locate People’ Solutions

The Power of Precision: Martin Investigative Services Leads with Comprehensive 'Locate People' Solutions
Photo Credit To: Martin Investigative Services

Martin Investigative Services, a leading private investigation agency establishes a formidable presence in the field, offering meticulous and efficient ‘Locate People’ services to clients across the nation. The California-based powerhouse, led by the seasoned former federal agent, Thomas G. Martin, delivers extensive, unsurpassed people search facilities covering all fifty states.

Thomas G. Martin, a highly-decorated former agent with the US Department of Justice and the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs/Drug Enforcement Administration (BNDD/DEA), takes helm as the president of Martin Investigative Services. He brings his prodigious understanding of the industry, honed by investigating countless cases spanning diverse types, many of which gained national attention. Today, Martin leverages his immense expertise at Martin Investigative Services, overseeing a team of 22 investigators, many of them being illustrious former Federal agents from agencies including the DEA, FBI, IRS, and Secret Service.

Martin Investigative Services has gained acclaim for successfully handling thousands of ‘locate’ cases each year. Their extensive capability is reflected in a myriad of cases they routinely handle; instances ranging from missing persons, runaway children, adoption cases, elusive classmates, lost loves, missing relatives, litigious paternity suits to locating elusive deadbeat dads, inheritors and elusive defendants for process service, among others.

Martin Investigative Service’s 888-US-UNITE people search service sets a new industry standard with its unmatched successful find rate. With a resolute client-focus reflected in their full, 100% money-back guarantee, clients can be confident of the unparalleled local service rendered.

So why does Martin Investigative Services emerge as the preferred choice for locate people services? Several factors account for its pre-eminence in the field.

Their success stems from their commitment to precision, realized through numerous proprietary data sources and investigators, drawing from decades of experience. The guarantee of results or your money back further distinguishes Martin Investigative Services in the field. If the agency can’t find your missing person, and you provide evidence of finding them via another commercially available locate service, the client will be refunded 100% of their paid amount. This testifies the conviction Martin Investigative Services places in their proficiency.

Martin Investigative Services trumps most other services in terms of data sources leveraged. Where most services rely on one or two data sources, Martin Investigative Services has access to hundreds of databases at one time, spanning all 50 states, cities and counties. This equips them with an exhaustive repository of information, resulting in extraordinary precision in their search outcomes.

Furthermore, having former Federal Agents carrying out the search and review process imparts additional credence to their operations. The accumulated decades of experience not only eliminate time-consuming false leads but also ensure the quality of search results.

To initiate a search, all that’s required is one or more of the following: the individual’s name, date of birth, social security number, or last known address.

Proclaiming their position as the undisputed 5-star review leader in the industry, Martin Investigative Services invites individuals and organizations to leverage their superior locate service. To learn more, reach out via Instagram: martininvestigativeservices or visit the company’s website for comprehensive details on their full range of services.

Cementing its dominance in its field, Martin Investigative Services emerges as the go-to agency for locate services, setting new industry benchmarks with its proven track record, intricate data networks, professional expertise, and client-centric protocols. With Martin Investigative Services, locating missing persons is as precise as it could get.

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