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The Return of Broadway: Ghost of the Pandemic

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The global health pandemic was unprecedented, and hardly any sector was unaffected. As the whole world went on a significant lockdown to curb the spread of the respiratory virus, and so did most industries such as sports, health and wellness, business, aviation, education, and most significantly, the entertainment Industry. One of the noteworthy impacts of the pandemic on the entertainment industry was the shut down of Broadway theatre, the highest commercial level of live theater in the English-speaking world.

In March 2020, the theatres closed due to the pandemic resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs. As the lockdown eased and more people got vaccinated, the theatres are set to reopen fully. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the impending opening on Twitter. “Broadway is a major part of our state’s identity and economy, and we are thrilled that the curtains will rise again,” he shares.

As more people get vaccinated, New York City is set to lift the majority of coronavirus restrictions later this month. Still, the Broadway theatres may need more time to reopen, rehearse and advertise the shows. The news was met with enthusiasm by everyone who anticipated the return of performing arts. “Today’s green light by the governor to put our shows on sale now for the fall is vital to our success,” shared Charlotte St Martin, president of the Broadway League.

To ensure that the public opening of the theatre will be safe for everyone, safety guidelines are still being set up. Members of the audience will be required to show proof of vaccination when the theatres open in September. The reopening in September will positively impact the economy of the states as Broadway supports more than 96,000 jobs in NYC, and contributed almost $15bn (£11.2bn) to the city’s economy in 2019, as reported by the Broadway League.

Before the pandemic and lockdown, thirty-one Broadway shows were in production, including Hamilton,

Wicked and The Lion King. However, some presentations, such as Mean Girls and Frozen, will not be returning for the reopening on September 14. Tickets for the upcoming shows will be made available for purchase from May 6 to allow customers to book their favorite shows.

With the gradual increase in vaccinated individuals, New York City is scheduled to relax its restriction on indoor businesses o from May 19. However, to ensure everyone’s safety, a 6-foot distance must be kept among people. Hopefully, the limits will be fully lifted soon as the average of COVID-19 cases reported dropped from 9,173 to 3,852, according to the state health department. As of Wednesday, May 6, over 9.2 million New York state – about 59% of the state’s adult population, have had at least one vaccine dose, and about 7.2 million adults – about 46% of the state’s population over the age of 18 are fully vaccinated. 

To revive tourists’ vibrancy and increase attendance, the New York City is scheduled to roll out

 vaccination sites to vaccinate visitors and tourists, ensuring their stay in the city is safe.

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