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The Rise of Ethical Glamour: How Vegan Fashion is taking over with Giulia & Romeo

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Far from your average granola vegan, Daniela Brunner bridges the gap between style and sustainability through her brand Giulia & Romeo. Chanelling her love of animals as her driving force, through glittery sequin dresses and flattering cuts, Daniela channels 70s rock- star glamour into her animal cruelty-free design practice. 

Becoming vegan after the birth of her son, Romeo, was a transformative experience for Daniela. As a previously devoted lover of high end luxury brands, she was suddenly aware of how much animal exploitation and cruelty goes into the making of these products. From her research, she discovered that there was a clear need for high-end fashion brands that were cruelty-free. As a result, Daniela found herself inspired to take her deep love for animals to the next level and create a brand that could fill that gap.

“The heart of my business philosophy is therefore the coexistence of luxurious aesthetics and ethical, sustainable consumption.” – Daniela 

Daniela’s designs reflect Giulia & Romeo’s mission of ethical fashion through her timeless pieces such as tailored blazers, maxi-dresses, and sleek accessories. From chic minimalism to bold sequins each piece is designed with attention to detail and versatility in mind. 

With several small capsule collections released each year, along with the use of local German manufacturers, exclusivity is key to Giulia & Romeo’s sustainable yet high-end business model. 

As the vegan fashion industry continues to expand its reach and accessibility, with more diverse price ranges becoming available to consumers, Daniela stands firm in her commitment to staying ahead of the competition. As the first-of-its-kind brand to donate 100% of its sales profits to animal protection organizations, such as Animal Equality and PETA, she believes that this ethical mindset will set her brand apart and also inspire other designers to find more sustainable and ethical practices in their own work. Daniela believes that fashion can be a force for positive change, both for the planet and for animals, and is dedicated to making a difference in the industry through her designs and business practices.

Daniela is eagerly anticipating the opening of Giulia & Romeo’s flagship store in Munich, scheduled for September 2023. With this launch, she hopes to foster a closer bond with her clients, introducing them to a high-end fashion brand that places a premium on animal welfare. Her satisfaction stems from knowing that the money her clients spend on these fashion items will go towards supporting animal causes, thus contributing to a more compassionate world.

Daniela intends to expand the Giulia & Romeo brand globally as an internationally recognized brand by opening more stores worldwide. Her focus is on cities such as London, LA, and New York, as they take the lead in promoting sustainability in the fashion industry, following Munich’s example. Daniela is also diligently searching for an international brand ambassador who truly reflects the brand’s values and style. Through promoting her vegan brand, Daniela aspires to raise awareness about sustainable and vegan lifestyles. 

“We believe that we can make a difference by encouraging people to wear clothes made from sustainable materials instead of animal products. After all, we should be wearing clothes, not animals.”- Daniela. 

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