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The Rise of Nightclub Mogul Gino LoPinto of E11EVEN Miami in Downtown Miami

The Miami nightlife scene has never been better with the emergence of several high-society nightclubs filled to the brim with patrons who are out to have a wilding good time. One massively popular club towers over the rest in the scene, and it’s none other than E11EVEN Miami. E11EVEN has become a massive staple in the nightlife industry of Miami, and it’s all thanks to the renowned nightclub mogul Gino LoPinto.

Born in New York City and raised in Las Vegas, Gino LoPinto grew up as a business-minded athlete with a thirst for action. He was a baseball player and a graduate of UNLV. Juggling his responsibilities, LoPinto worked at his godfather’s speakeasy, Gianni Russo’s State Street. 

“I fell in love with the business. I went on to open several of my own nightclubs in Las Vegas in the 90s, including Utopia, Metropolis, Empire, and Glo. I turned the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas from a failing club to one of the most successful gentlemen’s clubs in the world,” said Gino LoPinto.

However, things haven’t always been easy for the thriving entrepreneur. In a tragic turn of events, he would lose everything in the financial crisis and housing collapse between 2008 and 2010. Three years later, LoPinto would be contacted by his close friend and colleague Dennis De Gori, one of the eight members of the Gentlemen’s Club Hall of Fame and known globally as one of the best club operators on the planet.

De Gori would invite LoPinto to Miami and discuss his vision for a new concept that would revolutionize the nightlife scene forever.

 “It sounded compelling, however, with a wife and three young children back home, I said, no. In fact, it was two more trips, and two more no’s before he put a final offer on the table to become his partner,” shared Gino LoPinto. “I took the leap of faith, and everything he promised me has come true tenfold.”

Dennis DeGori created the 11USA Group as an all-star team with over 100 years of combined experience in hospitality specializing in nightlife. LoPinto became the operating partner along with their other partners, Daniel Solomon, Ken DeGori, Francis Martin, and Derick Henry. They own E11EVEN Miami and are in the midst of growing their brand.

“Expect more E11EVEN clubs in four to five major cities as well as some additional club brands, beach clubs, restaurants and even hotel/gaming,” said LoPinto. 

E11EVEN is a lifestyle brand that has clothing and a music label and an upcoming spirits brand. The company is known for a first and still one-of-a-kind experience combining many aspects of entertainment under one roof. The renowned club has had performances from Drake, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Halsey, G-Eazy, Ludacris and on any given day, patrons may run into Leo DiCaprio, Odell Beckham Jr., Justin Bieber or even Derek Jeter. 

“What sets us apart is our 11 family, the staff. We all love what we do, and it shows by the way we treat people and embrace our guests. When you come to our door, you will hear ‘welcome home,’ and that’s how you will feel when you are inside,” shared LoPinto. “When we were close to opening, many South Floridians told us, ‘Nobody goes on that side of the bridge’ especially in that downtown area unless the Miami Heat are playing. We have proven many naysayers very wrong, to say the least.”

Together, the business partners built E11EVEN into a lifestyle brand and currently have the highest revenue per square feet of any nightclub in the United States. There are only three or four clubs that exceed the brand’s annual gross sales and all of which are in Las Vegas.

When asked if his journey in the nightlife industry has been smooth, Gino LoPinto said:Hospitality is a very tough industry. Particularly nightlife as the public is always looking for the newest next best thing. To keep things fresh and forward-thinking is always the biggest challenge that’s in front of you. The highs have been very high and the struggles very low. Dennis and E11EVEN have changed my life, not to mention my wife, Yvonne, and three children, Gino Jr., Gianna, and Maria, love Miami.”

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