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The Sales Connection and Founder Kayvon Kay Dish Out Advice to Entrepreneurs Aiming for the Top in Today’s Post-Pandemic Economic Landscape

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 outbreak has not only destabilized the financial landscape badly enough for countless ventures across all industries to close but also created a long string of problems for the rest to face and address. Apart from worries over a workforce at risk of contracting the virus to the complexities of a post-pandemic world of business, entrepreneurs have to deal with a variety of issues. The Sales Connection founder Kayvon Kay is intimately privy to the odds inherent in the entrepreneurial realm and has braved through all of them. Post-COVID, he continues to serve as a go-to authority, guiding those under his wing in overcoming the pitfalls created by the pandemic. 

A trusted provider of high-ticket sales and marketing services, The Sales Connection builds, manages, and optimizes remote digitally enabled sales teams, focusing on clients hoping to conquer the education, coaching, consulting, and expert spaces. Based in Canada, this brainchild of Kayvon Kay has helped convert the inbound leads received by its clients into customers and profits. Additionally, it has enabled success for an impressive list of companies, making over $157 in sales and recording an astounding 73,000 booked calls, 219,000 handled objections, and 12,000 representatives trained.

In maneuvering its clients toward its target consumer base, The Sales Connection zeroes in on one significant value: connection. “Gone are the days of selling,” shared Kayvon Kay and the dedicated team at the helm of the acclaimed company. “If your venture is not connecting with our prospects, customers, and clients at their level, you are leaving a fortune on the table.”

Banking on over two decades of sales experience and capitalizing on a scientific approach to operations, The Sales Connection creates, builds, and manages its clients’ sales departments, freeing them up so they can focus on scaling their businesses. Under the guidance of Kayvon Kay, it also mentors leaders in handling the new realities brought about by the pandemic. 

Right now, one shared dilemma by entrepreneurs is navigating the world of remote work and figuring out how it affects job performance and the value of having employees in the office. “It has virtually no impact on those that can adjust their lifestyle and not be distracted by outside forces,” explained Kayvon Kay. “But, it all comes down to knowing who your key employees are and how to nurture their growth and performance. Also, with reduction comes efficiencies. The challenge now is how businesses can be more efficient and not have as many employees.”

In the face of these problems raised by business leaders from different fields, Kayvon Kay wishes to highlight two points – the critical power of quality over quantity and the premium everyone should place on connection. 

“My advice would be to consider a weekly virtual lunch where your team can catch up as they would while sitting in the office,” said Kayvon Kay. “Also, suggest monthly activities or challenges that bring fun and friendly rivalry to the team. It will help, as well, in making them open up about the challenges they may have in communicating while working remotely.”

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