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The Scent of Luxury: Anne-Krystel Goyer Makes Extrait de Parfum Affordable for the Masses

While bottles of such precious fragrances are often tied to being expensive, Anne-Krystel is challenging convention by making the Extrait de Parfums affordable. Made in Quebec, Canada, with the help of a team of certified perfumers from Provence, France, the creator Anne-Krystel Goyer is ready to expand her perfume brand in the USA. 

Backed by her passion and dedicated research, Anne-Krystel created her first Extrait de Parfum and named it Anne-Krystel8. One of her many dreams, the Extrait de Parfum, was made possible in collaboration with certified perfumers. Eventually, she also released an Extrait de Parfum for men called AK47 and expanded her website to carry beauty products by other brands she is also fond of, including oils, masks, and serums.

Anne-Krystel is on a mission to offer luxury at affordable prices. Scents have always been a wealth indicator for many, with the Extrait de Parfums coming at high costs. Seeing the gap in the market, the entrepreneur wanted everyone to experience luxurious scents without breaking the bank. 

In the world of perfumery, there are four known categories–Extrait de Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne. Extrait de Parfum is Anne-Krystel’s area of expertise. The creator aims to raise awareness of the difference between the categories, especially between Extrait de Parfum and the commonly-used term Eau de Parfum, which she explained are worlds apart from one another. 

“Majority of people think that they are wearing perfume while they are wearing Eau de Parfum and not the real perfume,” Anne-Krystel said. “To simplify, differentiate and especially avoid confusion, I simply call it Extrait de Parfum.”

Extrait de Parfum has the best quality you can find on the market because they do not contain water, making them more concentrated and long-lasting compared to other types. Anne-Krystel is creating scents that contribute to one’s lifestyle. Extrait de Parfums are sold in big fashion houses at hundreds of dollars for small bottles. The visionary wants to eliminate the barrier built by the extravagant prices and bring the beauty of Extrait de Parfum to the masses. 

“I studied fashion, so like some of the greatest designers, creating perfume is something that also fascinated me. I want people to wear my fragrances to find themselves in a state of confidence and calm. I know that fragrances highly influence various mental and physical human conditions. I wish to succeed in spreading well-being among those who wear it,” said Anne-Krystel. 

While pursuing her own passion and happiness, Anne-Krystel also does not forget the need to pay her success forward. She is a donor to David Lynch’s Foundation, an organization that helps transform lives by providing proven tools for healing and empowerment. The founders utilize evidence-based Transcendental Meditation (TM) techniques for various individuals who need the intervention the most and undergo a stage of metamorphosis to unlock their maximum potential. 

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