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The Sober Curious Movement Advances with Help of Non-Alcohol Drink Brand AB0VE

The past few years have seen the rise of several markets, especially following the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. With a consumer base that has grown more conscious of their health, demand for products and services that promote well-being remains at an all-time high. Given the heavy premium that people are placing on practices and products that alleviate the risks of developing physical health issues and fosters mental well-being, it is not a surprise why low, and non-alcoholic beverage brands like AB0VE have taken center stage, becoming the choice not only of designated drivers and pregnant women.

Known for its ready-made cocktails that marry flavor and aroma in high-quality spirits made up of 0% ABV, AB0VE is among the ventures that have emerged to fulfill the needs of a sober curious population. Its launch rests on the recognition of the shift from booze-filled nights to clear-headed hangouts and the overall decline in alcohol consumption, particularly among young people. 

Research from different reputable institutions has shed light on the changes in the preferences of today’s consumers. More aware than ever of the complications alcohol overconsumption brings and the extent to which it weakens one’s immune system and contributes to illnesses such as liver and heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure, people now opt to seek a buzz not from hard liquors and alcoholic drinks but from the excitement of trying out healthier alternatives. 

Providing these alternatives is part of the mission at the core of AB0VE’s efforts. Since its establishment, it has allowed consumers to enjoy an authentic cocktail experience without a hangover.

“We believe that you don’t have to compromise when your palate craves the flavor and feel of an adult beverage but cannot afford its effects,” explained the minds behind AB0VE. “You can and should be part of every occasion on your own terms, partaking in celebrations your own way.”

AB0VE’s stance coincides with the majority of the NoLo beverage market and makes it possible for individuals to cut out previous indulgences while still socializing and connecting with friends and families. “At AB0VE, we believe that non-alcoholic drinks will become a staple option next to the drinks, sodas, energy drinks, and juices offered at a party or event,” said SVP Greg Dobbin. “No party should be without a non-alc option.”

The selection of ready-made cocktails created by AB0VE, which offers the same type of kick one usually gets from alcoholic equivalents, also supports the considerable percentage of adults committed to pursuing healthier lifestyles and satisfies their changing palate. Additionally, their formulation means that people do not need to miss out on the aromas, flavor, and complexity provided by genuine spirits. 

It is unlikely that low and no-alcohol drinks will completely replace traditional options, but the number of individuals choosing to make lifestyle changes by reducing their alcohol intake is expected to rocket in the years to come. Brands like AB0VE will then play a critical role in helping this expanding consumer base in its bid for improved health and overall well-being. 

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