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Theda Blackwood With Theorem Promoting Healthy Hair Products

People have started becoming conscious of products they use, especially hair products, and how they interfere with their body’s health balance. Theorem, a new hair product company, sprang up to meet this need by delivering health-conscious hair products. As part of Theorem’s launching strategy, the company hired Theda Blackwood, a top Direct Sales Executive, to execute its marketing strategies on social media and other platforms.

Products from Theorem have been tagged to be scientifically-backed, gluten-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. To further attract the health-conscious client base, the products come in sustainable packaging. Theda Blackwood’s primary strategy is to leverage his reputation as a sales executive to recruit individuals for mentorship and coaching to grow Theorem’s business all over the country.

Theorem offers a breath of fresh hair to the hair product industry through its new non-hormone-disrupting and non-cancer-causing products. The company touts its products to work organically and for everyone regardless of gender or hair type. Its flagship product, “Square Root,” is a product for hair loss caused by hormonal triggers like postpartum, peri-hormonal and stress, COVID-19, poor diet, and medications. The product works by reducing inflammation on the scalp while using caffeine to stimulate the hair roots. The EU-certified ingredients also contribute to the product’s efficiency and authenticity.

Theorem’s other products include a deep-conditioning treatment that heals hair affected by heat and color damage and shampoo/conditioner formulas that help achieve moisture, volume, and color. Theorem also offers a hair straightening balm and a curl cream. Theorem is entering the market with effective solutions for hair loss for both men and women, and it’s doing an effective job with its planned grand entry. The company depends on the number of people willing to try just about anything to get their hair back while keeping their options healthy and without health risks.

Apart from the health benefits and the effectiveness of Theorem’s products, the company prides itself on the affordable products it offers. It also gives hair product entrepreneurs the chance to build a business with the company and get a free website and free app to go with it. So, Theorem is not only getting into the hair product market for its customers; it’s also giving business owners the chance to empower themselves and take advantage of an impending market takeover.

Choosing Theda Blackwood was a strategic move, and his wealth of experience is bound to come in handy for Theorem’s launch. Revolutionary companies don’t spring up every day, which is why a launch like this requires strategic approaches to ensure maximum success. Theorem is a hair care product company poised to dominate the market and, in five years, become the top-selling hair product for everyone dealing with hair loss or poor hair growth. With Theda Blackwell’s reputation in the mix, there are no limits to how far Theorem can go, especially with its all-natural toxin-free hair products.Learn more about Theda Blackwood on his official website or follow him on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with his activities on Theorem’s launch and marketing.

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