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This Local Wisconsin Business Has An Esteemed Place On Inc 5000

This Local Wisconsin Business Has An Esteemed Place On Inc 5000
Photo Credit: Brookens Construction

Brookens Construction is growing quickly. Here’s how their commitment to service brought them to the top.


Damage caused by storms is often unpreventable, especially on a roof as it bears the brunt of those harsh elements. The Madison and Milwaukee Areas in Wisconsin often experience destructive and harsh weather, and as hail storms become an increasing occurrence, more and more roofs are facing the effects. 

Wisconsin is known for its hail storms – but it’s also known for its fierce loyalty and commitment to hard work. With that spirit at its core, Brookens Construction has emerged as one of the fastest-growing roofers in the industry.  

Hailing from Windsor, Wisconsin, the company, Co-owned by brothers Aaron and Brandon, has been serving the community and surrounding area since 2015. The duo and their expert team members help families and businesses improve the functionality and appearance of their roofs, servicing all of the Madison, Fox Valley, and Milwaukee markets. They specialize in residential, multi-family, and commercial roofing and are experts in handling insurance claims for hail and storm damage.

As the main component of any building envelope, a secure roof shouldn’t be a question, but no two roofing companies are alike, and some shoot below the bar. But Brookens Construction recently ranked 1,372nd on the 2023 Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies. In spite of this massive growth, they continue to treat each project with the same care and attention to detail as they did their first.

“We’re reliable in the sense that we’re putting a lifetime workmanship warranty on the roof. So there’s no time frame in which we’re going to field a call of work that we did and say, ‘sorry, you’re past the time limit.’ We believe if there’s something we did wrong or could have done better and it’s causing issues, it should fall on us,” shares Founder and Co-owner Aaron Brookens.

This Local Wisconsin Business Has An Esteemed Place On Inc 5000

Photo Credit: Brookens Construction

As a BBB Accredited Business, the company takes it one step further by educating the Madison Area, Fox Valley Area, and Milwaukee Area communities about their roof, especially after a hailstorm, because damage can be nearly impossible to detect. 

“The homeowner doesn’t have the wherewithal to identify whether or not their roof is going to fail a few short years down the road or not. And that’s where we come in and say, hey, let us perform an inspection for free, no obligation. If there’s hail damage, we’ll identify it. We’ll put it into a damage report, and we’ll show you what we’re seeing on the roof.” Brookens discusses. 

Coming across a company with a mission to help people is uncommon these days, but that’s a mantra for the Brookens Construction team. The reality is that most homeowners and property owners are not properly educated on what to look for when it comes to a compromised roof, so it’s up to the professionals to step up. 

“You could be letting water in, and all of a sudden, there’s water running down behind a wall, and it’s not caught. So now it’s turning into mold, and it could turn into a lot more money, and it could also turn into health issues for your loved ones in the house,” he continues. 

Brookens Construction cares about its customers, and they don’t simply say that to credit their reputation; they really mean it. Part of that care is providing the greatest value no matter the budget and being as noninvasive as possible. 

“We empathize with the homeowner. We understand they probably don’t want pounding on their roof for five days for a whole week,” Brookens says. “We put a project manager on the job too, which is not the sales rep, it’s a project manager, it’s a handyman. They are there to ensure that everything is done properly the first time, but also to keep a clean, neat, tidy job site. That’s something that sets us apart.” 

At the top of the ridge is Brookens Construction, serving families and businesses with the utmost care, quality, and professionalism. Like the shingles on a roof, the company exists to safeguard the property of its community members. At the end of the day, “We’re never going to turn our back on you,” Brookens emphasizes. 

This culture and commitment is central to the everyday operations of Brookens Construction. That’s seen in their reputation in Wisconsin, as well as their global presence on the esteemed Inc 5000.

To learn more about Brookens Construction, visit their website here.


Published By: Aize Perez

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