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This Online Health Care Platform Is Skydiving For Menopause Awareness

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Menopause Awareness Month, celebrated each October, provides an important opportunity to shed light on a phase of life that affects half of the world’s population. This year, Science & Humans (S&H), a pioneering digital platform dedicated to transforming how individuals address their hormone wellness needs, is taking an extraordinary leap to increase awareness and advocacy for menopause. They are organizing a unique campaign called “Jump for Menopause,” in which teams of skydivers will descend upon various dropzones across North America. This campaign aims to break the silence and stigma surrounding menopause, a phase of life that can be challenging for many women.

Science & Humans (S&H) is at the forefront of providing accessible and effective treatments for hormone health, longevity, aging, and sexual wellness. Their mission is to offer unwavering support and evidence-based solutions to individuals living with hormone imbalances in North America.

The “Jump for Menopause” campaign was conceived because research indicates a dire need for greater awareness and a reduction in the stigma surrounding menopause. Surprisingly, half of women consider menopause a “taboo” topic and feel ill-equipped to face a phase that can extend for nearly a decade. In Canada, approximately one-quarter of the workforce, which amounts to 19 million people, comprises women over 40. Shockingly, 10% of these women may be forced out of the workplace due to debilitating menopausal symptoms. In the United States, more than one million women enter menopause each year, and by 2025, there will be an estimated 1.1 billion postmenopausal women worldwide.

Hira Siddiqui, the Co-Founder and COO of S&H, passionately articulates the company’s mission, saying, “Our goal is crystal clear: to offer unwavering support and empower women to not just survive but thrive during this decade-long journey, guided by evidence-based solutions.”

The “Jump for Menopause” campaign will kick off at Skydive Spaceland in Clewiston, Florida. As the campaign gathers momentum, other drop zones in Sebastian, Florida, and Niagara Falls and Toronto, Ontario, will also join in. More locations are expected to be added as the campaign progresses. In a remarkable show of commitment to women’s health, S&H has chosen Women’s Health Collective Canada (WHCC) as the recipient of all donations generated through corporate sponsorships and individual contributions in support of the campaign. The response from various individuals who have already pledged their support is highly encouraging, and S&H is excited about the far-reaching impact of this campaign.

For those looking to show their support for “Jump for Menopause” on social media, the official campaign hashtags are: #jumpformenopause, #menopauseawarenessmonth, #science&humans, #menopause, #menopausesupport, #menopausehealth, #womenshealth, and #hormonehealth.

You can find more information about the campaign here and learn more about Science & Humans here. By expanding awareness and support for menopausal women, Science & Humans is taking a bold leap towards creating a more inclusive and understanding society for all.

In conclusion, Menopause Awareness Month is a crucial time to recognize the challenges faced by women during this significant phase of life. “Jump for Menopause” is a novel campaign that seeks to break the silence and stigma surrounding menopause. Science & Humans (S&H) is at the forefront of this initiative, offering support and evidence-based solutions to individuals facing hormone imbalances. With the expansion of the campaign to various drop zones across North America, it aims to bring the conversation around menopause to the forefront. The profound impact of this campaign, combined with the support of organizations like Women’s Health Collective Canada (WHCC), highlights the need to empower women and create a more inclusive society. As the campaign gains momentum, more individuals and corporate sponsors are expected to join, furthering the cause of menopausal women around the world.

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