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Tim Cloutier: Elevating CRISPR QC’s Commercial Strategy

Tim Cloutier: Elevating CRISPR QC's Commercial Strategy
Photo Courtesy: CRISPR QC

The 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry centered on developing CRISPR-Cas9, a transformative gene-editing tool. Building on that discovery, the team at CRISPR QC developed the CRISPR Analytics Platform, which helps scientists drive their genome and pathway engineering research with incredible accuracy and productivity. This, in turn, provides predictive insights for better decision-making with increased efficiency and efficacy. Ultimately, CRISPR QC’s mission and vision is to enable scientists across many markets to perform critical research. This empowers researchers to treat disease, save lives, and develop crops that respond to climate change, improve sustainability, and nourish our ever-increasing population.

Joining founder Ross Bundy, Tim Cloutier, PhD, is CRISPR QC’s new Chief Commercial Officer. He will play a large role in bringing that mission and vision to fruition. Cloutier’s diverse background in various scientific fields, coupled with extensive expertise in business segments and applications such as life sciences, drug discovery, and data management markets, makes him instrumental in driving CRISPR QC’s current growth and expansion trajectory.

Cloutier holds a degree in genetics from Michigan State University and earned his Ph.D. in Biophysics and Biochemistry from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, followed by a molecular and cellular biology postdoc at Northwestern University. At CRISPR QC, he will oversee the sales, marketing and business development functions to execute the company’s commercialization strategy. 

Cloutier has also held executive-level leadership positions at companies like BioLegend, Codex DNA (now Telesis Bio), Shadowbox and Flywheel, where he successfully managed global revenues ranging from $1M to $300M/year, with multiple fundraising efforts, including an IPO, Series A and Series D. Cloutier have also been involved in several mergers and acquisitions, demonstrating not only expertise in life sciences and drug discovery industries but in driving business growth and development wherever he lands.

His nearly 25 years of experience in commercial and product development roles have taken place in diverse sectors, including multi-omics, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, imaging and automation platforms, clinical and molecular diagnostics and biotherapeutic molecular screening assays. He also has a strong track record of building, marketing and selling instruments, reagent platforms, and enterprise data solutions. “Both the commercial and product development roles have been great. I am fortunate to have done just about every role across sales, marketing, and product development to bring new product solutions to the market. But my real passion is growing teams and developing people.”

At PerkinElmer, he was the Director of Global Applications. He managed a large team across the US, Europe and Asia, overseeing a wide range of products in automation, drug discovery reagents, microfluidics and imaging. He then joined Illumina, merging a newly acquired company into the Illumina commercial organization. Later, he became the Director of Commercialization Operations. His team standardized the commercialization process by aligning the marketing, sales and service/support functions to the product development stages, greatly improving their market offerings.

Transitioning to Progenity, Cloutier led marketing efforts and built program management for NGS assays in the women’s health testing space, where he showcased his expertise in clinical diagnostics. He then moved to BioLegend, where he served as VP of Marketing and Sales and drove the development of their proteogenomics technology, transforming the company’s portfolio strategy.

What captivated Cloutier most about CRISPR QC was its technology and potential to affect transformative change in the genome and pathway engineering space. His enthusiasm is tangible as he expounds on the revolutionary impact of CRISPR technology in advancing gene editing and cell therapy. Cloutier envisions CRISPR QC’s solutions permeating diverse sectors, from life sciences to agriculture to synthetic biology.

Along with investments in infrastructure and aligning R&D endeavors to customer needs and market opportunities, Cloutier’s first objective is to build a commercial strategy that maps out how to bring new products to the market and scale the organization. Beyond its cutting-edge technology, he is excited for the opportunity to cultivate a visionary team. He shares, “It’s rare to get the chance to shape organizational culture and technological innovation concurrently.” 

CRISPR QC’s Tim Cloutier is a leader, strategist, and science technology enthusiast who is determined to help guide CRISPR QC to the forefront of genetic technology. With his deep understanding of market dynamics and how to help organizations win, CRISPR QC appears to be headed toward a bright and profitable future.

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Published by: Martin De Juan

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