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Tina Marie McCain Helps People Own Florida Homes with PRMG

Buying a home is a big life milestone and a significant financial commitment. Navigating the complicated world of mortgages can be overwhelming, which is why prospective home buyers need a reliable partner who can guide them through the process of purchasing a home. Tina Marie McCain and her team at Paramount Residential Mortgage Group in Florida are experts at helping home buyers achieve the home of their dreams.

Tina Marie McCain and her team have over twenty years of experience turning home buyers into happy homeowners. Their work with the Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG) means they provide services that combine the best knowledge, personalized service, communication, and program options that assist their clients in finding the mortgage that best suits their needs. 

Interested individuals can work with Paramount Residential Mortgage Group whether they are looking to purchase a new home or refinance the home they already own. This company is a privately-owned direct lender offering one of the widest credit boxes and program options in today’s competitive mortgage industry.

PRMG has been in business since 2001 and currently has over 300 branches nationwide. They are licensed to lend in 48 states and have helped many people achieve their homeownership goals. Tina Marie McCain and her team work out of PRMG Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida. PRMG is one of the largest privately-held national mortgage bankers and residential home lenders in the country. 

PRMG may be a technology-based mortgage company, but Tina Marie McCain and her Space Coast team still provide personal services for their clients. Their staff is supportive and highly experienced, and they facilitate the financing transactions with expert ease. They find the best possible financing scenarios, such as competitive financing for first-time buyers or multi-million dollar loans for the more experienced homeowners. The Space Coast team keeps their clients well-informed at every stage of the process, and they can walk clients through the entire home buying journey.

At PRMG, Tina Marie McCain is proud to share that their team offers in-house processing, underwriting, documents, and rapid funding. In addition, they offer various programs, enabling them to open their doors to many more borrowers compared to the average lender. Aside from conventional products, they also offer a variety of FHA, VA, USDA products. They also offer options for bank statements, foreign national, investor solutions, and prior bankruptcy.

Homeowners can also come to PRMG for HCEMs, which are also known as reverse mortgages. For financing home renovations, Tina Marie McCain shares that they can choose from Fannie Mae’s Homestyle Renovation, HomeReady by Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac’s Home Possible, aside from the regular standard renovation programs. 

With Tina Marie McCain at the helm of the PRMG Space Coast branch, they have helped many individuals and families find the means to buy their dream Florida homes. With a highly motivated and experienced team with her, they have earned the reputation of providing one of the best and most reliable mortgage services. Florida is a beautiful place to call home, and they are sure to help their clients own their piece of paradise. Tina Marie McCain leads the Space Coast branch of the Paramount Residential Mortgage Group. To learn more about the company and their services, you can follow them on Facebook or visit their website.

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