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TisMo Geneve Makes a Mark in Haute Horlogerie with the “Sonny” Watch, a Tribute to Al Pacino

Tismo Geneve with Al Pacino presenting "Sonny" watch with opera detailing dedicated to the esteemed actor
Photo Credit: Tismo Geneve with Al Pacino presenting "Sonny" watch with opera detailing dedicated to the esteemed actor.

An up-and-coming luxury watchmaker called TisMo Geneve is causing quite a stir with its distinctive and highly desirable watches. To combat the industry’s general lack of individuality and customization, the brand is dedicated to producing distinctive timepieces. Al Pacino’s beloved moniker inspired their first model, the “Sonny,” which is a nod to the late, great actor.

As far as high-quality timepieces go, the “Sonny” watch is a paradigm change. A heartfelt homage to Al Pacino and his immense influence on the film industry, it goes beyond being a mere viewing. Ralph Collins, the pioneering mind behind TisMo, said he came up with the idea for the company because he was frustrated by the lack of sophisticated personalization choices available from ultra-luxury goods. He had an idea for watches that would be different from the norm.

Ralph Collins, an employee at Prestige Wrap & Customs with experience in the car industry, knows the value of customization. A rising demand for individualized experiences was something he noticed while serving demanding clients. Despite their relative youth in the watchmaking industry, TisMo personifies uniqueness and offers a new viewpoint informed by enthusiasm, business savvy, and years of service to illustrious clients.

Devotion and innovation over many years went into creating the first TisMo units. This exclusive collection of works of art has been in the works since 2017, and now it’s ready for those who value exclusivity. 

The Gran TisMo “Sonny” edition offers a perfect blend of premium craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The tourbillon movement, which is produced in Switzerland, is of high quality and will provide an unforgettable experience. 

With an impressive 110 hours of power reserve, this watch will keep ticking for quite some time. It displays exceptional precision in maintaining time at a frequency of 3Hz (21,600 Alt/H). You may get your hands on this interactive timepiece by winding it by hand.

The watch’s flawless movement and long-lasting beauty are guaranteed by its 19 finely set gems. The 226 black diamonds that embellish it create a stunning arrangement that exudes class and opulence. The fascinating and elaborate design of the watch is sure to turn heads as it displays 595 golden horse heads with ruby eyes.

In honor of the legendary persona and for an extra special touch, the watch features a replica gun of Scarface in silver. It is visually appealing because it depicts an opera house in Sicily, which is both artistic and culturally significant. It is both comfortable and adaptable, thanks to the rubber band that was custom-made to suit Mr. Pacino’s taste.

Exhibiting outstanding craftsmanship, the watch is contained within a Gran TisMo-shaped case that is painstakingly constructed from silver and galvanized alloy. Durability and a clear view of the delicate features are ensured using sapphire glass on both the front and back of the watch.

Throughout his legendary career, Al Pacino embodied the spirit of this remarkable watch. Only ten watches were made in this limited edition, and Mr. Pacino personally owns the first one. Exclusively for TisMo’s most loyal customers, there are nine more pieces available for 125,000 CHF. They perceive this timepiece not just as an investment in a work of art but also as a prudent financial move that will yield returns in the future.

Long-term relationships between TisMo Geneve and its customers are a top priority. That is why an official from TisMo makes sure to personally deliver each one of their watches.

Click on over to to check out the Gran TisMo “Sonny” edition and get all the info you need about TisMo Geneve or visit their instagram profile @tismogeneve.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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