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To Hub or Not to Hub: The Conundrum of One-Page Websites

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“Picture this: a no-nonsense, one-page website stripped back to the essentials. Like a well-designed business card, but online,” Danielle says, her hands moving animatedly as she lays out the idea. “It’s a growing trend, the so-called ‘hub,’ aiming to control the conversation around your business with the power of brevity.” 

Indeed, these days the digital world seems to be buzzing about these one-page websites. The philosophy? Eliminate the fluff, streamline the user experience, and tell your story as concisely as possible. “Fewer clicks, more impact,” as Danielle aptly puts it. 

Yet, Danielle admits with a candid chuckle, “I can’t help but find them a tad… shallow, compared to traditional multi-page websites. I’m left wondering, is this the future of web design or just a passing fad?” 

Turns out, the ‘one-page wonder’ may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. It can be a perfect fit for some businesses while leaving others in a digital pickle. 

“If your business is all about app signups, single services, or if you’re targeting simplicity-loving clients, a one-page website could be a touchdown,” Danielle shares. The same applies to businesses already commanding offline authority or those in need of a temporary digital storefront. 

However, Danielle quickly points out, “When it comes to businesses heavily reliant on organic marketing, in the process of defining their target audience or offering a smorgasbord of products and services, the single-page strategy might feel like trying to squeeze an elephant into a suitcase.” 

Similarly, businesses in the throes of social media outreach or those seeking to carve out a niche in a highly competitive market would do well to consider multi-page websites. 

Danielle pauses, leaning forward for emphasis. “As someone who does deep dives before any significant purchase, a one-page website might give me pause. I look for brand recognition, sure, but I also want to see that the company or person values their online presence, and a one-page website might not convey that,” she confesses. “But hey, that’s just me.” 

With a shrug and a grin, Danielle concludes, “Whether a one-page website floats your boat entirely depends on your goals and your target audience. Think about your website’s mission and the experience you want for your prospects before making the leap. After all, in the digital world, your website is your handshake, your first impression, your ‘hello, world’ moment. It pays to get it right.” 

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark’s Professional Bio: 

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark is the CEO and Founder of Influence Builder and Influence Builder Club (a membership community for entrepreneurs and small business owners). Danielle has lovingly been nicknamed a Digital Disruptor by clients and colleagues because of her unique ability to find the best pathways to success by going against the grain when it comes to digital marketing. With 16 years of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, Danielle’s growth strategies help her clients build massively impactful platforms, 10x their bottom line, and get the visibility and accolades they deserve without spending years trying to figure it out on their own. You can find her and dig into more of her knowledge base by going to her platforms listed below: 

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