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Tony Pec Strikes Gold in Social Media and Helps Others Achieve Success Through Y Not You Media

In a sudden twist of fate, Mechanical Engineering graduate Tony Pec achieved massive success in social media after leveraging multiple accounts with large followings to then taking advantage of Instagram to build a personal brand to help grow his business. After graduating college, Tony would find himself day trading stocks while at cigar lounges and connecting with other entrepreneurs and business owners, but then he realized he had time and potential to dive into other things. Of which began his social media journey. Upon creating his first Instagram account, he had no idea the amount of traction he would get from his potential market. In just the 1st month, Tony would gain over 10,000 followers. “I said to myself, if I could do this to one account, I could do it for another,” shared the would-be entrepreneur. He would then build another Instagram account for cigars, which immediately took off as well. Eventually, this would be followed by an Instagram account for cars, beauty, photos, and more, which would all grow insanely quick.

He would end up with an arsenal of 14 accounts that amassed over 350,000 followers in a matter of just four short months. From there people started reaching out to him to grow their pages, and over time, word of his sought-after instagram services would grow to asking for other needed social media services such as: content, strategy consulting, website design, and targeted social media ad campaigns.

At which point, Tony Pec joined forces with his two close friends Michael Capozzi and Francis Volpe to expand on such an opportunity. They all worked in different fields at the time and took a leap of faith in themselves and social media to pursue the building of Y Not You Media. Fast forward to the current day, and they now have grown to a talented team of over 10 social media experts and content creators to build Y Not You Media, a Forbes accredited and continually growing social media marketing firm that has delivered countless successes to its esteemed national client base. 

Tony’s story is certainly one for the ages, and it’s truly been an inspiring ride since the very beginning. Ultimately, he hopes to continue the success that he has achieved. Luckily, things are looking bright on that end.

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