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Sean Raymond

Sean is a young and ambitious online marketer who has already made a name for himself in the competitive industry. At just 19 years old, he has three years of experience offering a range of services including ecommerce and lead generation for businesses in a variety of sectors. From real estate and crypto to gyms and dentists, Sean has demonstrated his versatility and expertise in the field by successfully managing a diverse range of clients.

However, Sean is not content to rest on his laurels. He has recently taken an interest in acquiring larger businesses, and with the guidance of his M&A professionals, he hopes to achieve this goal in the coming year. It is a significant undertaking, but with his track record of success and determination to succeed, there is no doubt that Sean will rise to the challenge.

To learn more about Sean’s work, follow him on Instagram at

Patty Sky

Patty Sky is a full-time stock trader based in Miami, Florida, who has built a successful career in the financial industry. She started her trading account in 2018 with just $6,000, and through hard work and dedication, has turned that initial investment into over seven figures.

In addition to her trading pursuits, Patty is also the owner of two companies: WolfPAQTrades and EliteInvesting. These businesses are centered on Patty’s passion for investing and entrepreneurship, and her goal is to create a high-level community where people from all backgrounds can learn how to invest and take control of their financial futures. EliteInvesting is dedicated to providing individuals with the knowledge, resources, and network they need to invest in the stock market, crypto, real estate, and ultimately, themselves.

Patty is an inspiration to others, and her ultimate goal is to give people the tools they need to change their lives and get back more time to do what they love and be with the ones they care about. To learn more about Patty and her work, check out her YouTube channel at or follow her on Instagram at You can also visit to learn more about her companies and the services they offer.

Dwitya Roy

Dwitya is a woman with a positive attitude and a deep sense of gratitude. She sees failure as an opportunity for growth and takes her accomplishments as motivation to work even harder. A devoted family person and entrepreneur, Dwitya is eager to make her mark in the world of fashion, style, health, and beauty. “Do anything with faith, patience, and passion,” she advises, “and everything will fall into place.” For Dwitya, health is the foundation of success.

Dwitya is also deeply committed to her family and her health, seeing it as the foundation for success. Born and raised in Kolkata, India, Dwitya is proud of her Bengali heritage and is grateful for the support of her loving husband. With these values guiding her, Dwitya is on a mission to create a brand built on love and excellence.

To learn more about Dwitya and her journey, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram at dwityaroy and team_dwitya_roy. Dwitya’s positive attitude and dedication to her passions make her an inspiration to all who encounter her.

Woody Mooers

Woody Mooers is the CEO of Outpost, a vertically integrated company specializing in private label CPG manufacturing. Outpost distributes some of the most innovative and effective nutraceutical delivery systems available on the market. In addition to this, Woody Mooers has a wealth of experience in custom formulating and branding topicals, edibles, and water-soluble products, including beverages and sachets as well as large-scale packaging solutions.

Outpost’s website,, provides more information on the company’s products and services. Woody Mooers can also be found on Instagram at, where he shares updates on his personal and professional life. Outpost’s business Instagram account,, is another great resource for those interested in learning more about the company and its offerings. So, if you’re in need of top-quality nutraceuticals or custom formulation services, be sure to check out Outpost and connect with Woody Mooers.

Kristina Braovac

From LA Fashion Week to film and photoshoot campaigns, Kristina B. is a celebrity hairstylist from Beverly Hills who is in high demand for her advanced color techniques, hair extensions makeovers and magazine-ready styling skills. Kristina has styled for client appearances on Chicago Meds, Emmys, Golden Globes and celebrity Entertainment events. In addition to her impressive list of clients, Kristina has also trained under legendary industry celebrity hairstylists from London, Paris, Australia and New York. 

Kristina not only has the reputation as a color genius, she is also a serial entrepreneur, who is in the process of launching her own luxury hair extensions brand and online beauty store. 

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kristina graduated with a biomedical engineering degree, and has worked for top beauty brand companies such as L’Oreal USA, as a Regional Business Manager. As a risk taker, Kristina relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her passion in the hair industry, where she is now CEO to her own private luxury studio salons in Beverly Hills and Huntington Beach.

Kristina creates envy-worthy hair making all women look and feel like celebrities. To learn more about her work, visit her website at http://WWW.KRISTINABHAIR.COM  or follow her on Instagram at @KRISTINABHAIR. 

Jiv Verdul

Jiv Verdul is a young entrepreneur and day trader who is making waves in the world of finance. At just 22 years old, he is the founder and CEO of Fluid Trades, a software company that helps others achieve financial freedom through trading.

Verdul’s background is one of overcoming incredible adversity. Born in Haiti, he moved to the United States at a young age and faced challenges such as adapting to a new language and living in a homeless shelter. These experiences motivated him to work hard and shape the man he is today. He now resides in Miami, Florida, where he is dedicated to helping others learn the skills to create generational wealth and succeed in the financial market.

In addition to running his own company, Verdul has been featured in several publications, including Enterprise News, Nywire, Usreporter, LA Daily, and the Chicago Journal. He is an inspiration to others and is dedicated to helping others achieve their financial goals.

To learn more about Jiv Verdul and his work, you can visit his website at or follow him on Instagram at Jivverdul. You can also check out his YouTube channel at to see more of his content and learn from his expertise. Verdul’s passion for helping others and his dedication to his craft make him.

Ethen Bowen

Ethen Bowen is a 21 year old entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina who has made a big impact in the solar industry in a short amount of time. After starting his career in car sales, Ethen quickly made a name for himself in the solar industry by signing over 40 contracts worth $3 million in his first six months. Not only is Ethen a successful salesperson, but he has also built a team of over 25 young and motivated individuals, becoming manager of the company in just three months.

Ethen’s success doesn’t stop there. He has also developed a concept called Solar Automation, which was created by his mentor, Patrick Kenney. This allows investors to purchase leads for his team to work on and potentially triple their investment in just three months. Ethen’s income has put him in the top 1% of Americans, and he spends much of his time training others to achieve similar success. In addition to his work in solar, Ethen is also an avid investor and trader, with plans to pursue real estate for passive income by owning apartments. He spends much of his time training others to achieve the same level of success that he has achieved, sharing his knowledge and expertise with those around him.

It’s clear that Ethen’s journey is only just beginning, and there is no doubt that he will continue to blaze a trail in the sales and renewable energy industries for years to come. To stay updated on Ethen’s work and get a glimpse into his life, you can follow him on Instagram (@ethenvested) and Facebook (Ethen Bowen). It’s clear that Ethen is a driven and ambitious individual, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next.

Cam Carter

Cam Carter is a successful entrepreneur and musician based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Carter has been writing poetry since the age of ten and has turned his lyrics into a thriving career in hip-hop music. He has amassed a large following on social media and music sites, and is verified on all platforms.

In addition to his music career, Carter is also the founder of Accidentally Weird and Keep it Kush Entertainment, which focuses on knowledge, understanding, strength, and harmony. He has also made a name for himself in the cryptocurrency industry, partnering with Coinmerge and Peech, a science and tech company, and a charity token. Carter has earned a reputation as a respected and reliable player in the blockchain space.

Carter has big plans for the future, including the launch of a clothing line and record label. He is also in the midst of publishing negotiations for his book “Make Love, Not History,” an epic 82-page rhapsody of brilliant rhyme. Carter is driven by his passions and believes that if he is passionate about something, it doesn’t feel like work. He is determined to shake the world one person at a time and is well-prepared to succeed in whatever endeavors he takes on, thanks to his skills in business, social media, and the entertainment industry.

Cam Carter is a rising star in the music and business worlds, and his talent, drive, and dedication make him an exciting and inspiring figure to follow. To stay up to date with Carter’s work, you can follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

On Facebook, you can find Carter at Here, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at Carter’s life, as well as updates on his latest projects and performances. You can also catch Carter on YouTube, where he has a channel at Here, you can watch Carter’s music videos and live performances, as well as get a glimpse into his creative process. Finally, you can follow Carter on Instagram at This platform gives you a more personal look at Carter’s life, with photos and videos that showcase his personality and style.

Seaton Isaiah Metters

Zaë is a talented R&B singer and songwriter, with a successful career in music and entrepreneurship. Based in Los Angeles, he has received a songwriting placement with Atlantic Records’ artist Elhae and is expected to release his debut project later this year. In addition to his work in music, Zaë has also built a successful business in the sports betting industry, providing picks to thousands of clients daily through a private Telegram group. Over the past year, he has brought in over $5 million in profits, and is expected to reach $15 million or more by 2023.

With a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, Zaë is a rising star to watch in the music and sports betting industries. To learn more about him and his work, you can follow him on Instagram at @zaeomothakid, on Twitter at @zaeomo, and on TikTok at @zaeomothakid. Zaë’s talent, business acumen, and dedication to his passions make him a formidable force in the entertainment and sports worlds.

Louis Balletta

Louis Edward Balletta is a versatile and successful performer, with a career that spans over a decade and encompasses a range of roles in the fitness industry, physical therapy field, acting, and writing. His acting career has recently reached new heights with his booking on the highly anticipated “Sex and the City” reboot on HBO Max, “And Just Like That,” and previous appearances on ABC’s “Blacklist” and in Netflix films that have been featured at prestigious festivals such as Cannes Film Festival and SXSW. In addition, his national TV commercial for EEZEE Choice is currently running on three different channels.

But Balletta’s passions go beyond his successful career. He is a multi-talented individual with a passion for helping others. Louis is dedicated to giving back in honor of his beloved Pomeranian, Foxy, through the organization Foxy’s Heart, which helps pet families in need of veterinary care for their animals. Balletta is proud to carry on Foxy’s spirit as he continues to pursue his passions and make a difference in the world. 

To stay up to date with Louis Edward Balletta’s work and philanthropy, you can follow him on Instagram at Louis Edward Balletta or on Facebook at Louis Edward Balletta. Balletta’s dedication to his craft and his charitable efforts make him a shining example of how to make a positive impact in the world.

Louis is the official Ambassador of EEZEE Choice; a new kind of company created to fill the needs of Civil Service Workers who choose to opt out of their union. EEZEE Choice offers customized protection and benefit plans at significant savings at Learn more about Louis or contact him by visiting

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