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Top Automotive Professionals to watch this year

With the Automotive industry in a new decade, we took a look at a few of the most successful automotive professionals in the United States. In our two part series, we feature three individuals who have helped shape the current automotive marketplace. 

By reading you will learn more about the corporate automotive sector with Murphy Auto Group as well as learn more about the luxury concierge automotive niche with Envy Auto Group. 

Michael Dennis Murphy 

Michael Dennis Murphy, also known as the @RealMikeMurphy, is an American Renaissance man with his roots grounded deep in the automotive industry. He learned all the processes, policies, and procedures, along with valuable life lessons, from his father – Dennis Murphy. Under his father’s guidance, Mike grew up in the dealership business starting at the age of 14 as a detailer and worked through the ranks to understand the role of each position. Besides being one of the youngest General Managers, what sets Mike apart is his extensive knowledge in both fixed operations and variable operations.  He explains “Being adept in both fields has allowed me to play offense and defense in our organization’s dealerships. How many players do you know that play football at a high level that start on both sides of the ball? It’s very rare, that is how I view myself in the automotive industry.” Mike used his tried-and-true processes he honed through the years at Miracle Toyota in Haines City, FL and acquired an additional four dealerships in South Carolina and Georgia.  As the cost of operating a dealership continues to increase, Mike believes there will be a considerable consolidation of owners, which will lead to larger dealer groups and less independent ownership. This trend will change the landscape of the dealer experience and dealerships are learning to be flexible with the times by offering online credit approval and test-driving cars from the home.

Imran Majeed Qureshi 

Imran Majeed Qureshi is an American Automotive Executive for Murphy Auto Group, and is based out of Orlando, Florida. Since 2012 Imran has been a part of the Murphy Automotive family where he began as a general manager for a variety of dealerships. Today Imran is a part of Murphy Corporate where he resides as Chief Operational Officer of Murphy Auto Group. In Imrans career he has managed over 1000 people, when asked what his biggest accomplishment is his career has been he stated “Being able to build a team that is sustainable has been the biggest accomplishment i’ve made.” Imran believes that the future of the automotive industry includes continuing to adapt to the consumers needs. One solution he implied is creating pay plans that are non commission, this way the consumer feels that they can trust their sales associate as well as that associate being motivated to focus on the customer and not their commission. In the future Imran looks to continue to build his charity, Zara Zoya Foundation. To learn more about Imran Majeed Qureshi, click here

Michael Kassab 

Michael Kassab is an American Automotive professional and the CEO of Envy Auto Group. Kassab started out in the automotive industry at the age of 13 where he used to detail vehicles out of his mom’s garage, over the last 16 years he has continued to grow and develop to where he is today with Envy Auto Group. Today the group offers a hands on whiteglove experience to qualified individuals and professionals that are looking to find their dream car. Michaels goal with Envy Auto Group has always been to offer a high end concierge style service to his clients. He has been able to succeed at this by going above and beyond understanding what each customer’s needs are and constantly upgrading his company’s service capabilities. In the future Kassab is excited to start his newest venture Star360, where he plans to create a full concierge experience to service his existing clientele with all of their needs from travel to real estate acquisition. To learn more about Michael Kassab follow him on Instagram, click here

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