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Top California Realtor Amber Singleton helps Small Business Owners Reach Their Full Potential

Financial success leads to financial independence, and those are two things virtually everyone in the world is working towards. Now, life may come with its challenges and setbacks, but the last century has seen many people thrive and become immensely successful despite all the setbacks they faced. Amber Singleton endured some of the toughest challenges of her life that seemed impossible to overcome, but she found a way to turn things around to become who she is today. As an entrepreneur and top realtor within the state of California at her company Amber Sells Homes 4 U and a financial expert at Finland Financial Inc., she knows for a fact that there is plenty of room at the top and she is committed to getting as many people there as possible.

Amber Singleton has been in the business world for over a decade, dealing in real estate and offering financial consultation services. For years, she has committed herself to show the clear path to financial success to entrepreneurs, potentially high-net-worth individuals, CEOs, and real estate investors. Her firm belief is that success does not happen overnight, and she ensures that her clients realize that no matter what type of dream is sold to them about achieving success, it will never happen in a flash. She focuses on developing her mindset and understanding the things at stake in the pursuit of happiness and success.

 Amber Singleton, a single mother of two without a college degree, faced heartaches in her early life. She realized how much she needed to be there for her two children regardless of what happened, so she started picking up the pieces to rebuild her life. She launched her real estate company, Amber Sells Homes 4 U, inspired by her parents’ real estate commitment. She also started working at a top financial consulting firm, Finland Financial Inc. and has combined the experience over the years to be in the position to help entrepreneurs and individuals achieve financial success.

Amber does not go about motivating entrepreneurs to make a move and change their lives all of a sudden. Instead, she works with them and helps them with suitable investments and business ideas. She offers investment advice and planning, and currently, her interactive mobile app is in the works through which clients can stay updated on the business transactions they have with her in real-time. Amber is a huge advocate for trusting in the process and she expects every entrepreneur who works with her to be willing to go through the process too. “This was a long journey, and I lost a lot at first, but learned a lot. You will hit roadblocks; just go around. You will have doubters; block them out and never allow someone to sway your intended dreams. Keep your head up even when you lose, because trust me, you will. The key is how quickly you can get back up and take off,” she shared.

Over the next few years, Amber Singleton’s goal is to partner with struggling business owners and help them turn around their businesses into profitable businesses. “Many small businesses today have the potential to become multi-million dollar businesses in a few years. All they need is guidance to thrive, and I hope to have played a significant role in the growth of thousands of businesses,” she said. It is a bright future for Amber, as well as the entrepreneurs she is working with in 2022.

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