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Entrepreneurs you should follow in the United States

Wondering what the future of the real estate industry looks like — or what it might look like for the future of a specific profession within the sector? We asked some of the top real estate sector professionals just that. 

Steven Ridzyowski

Steven Ridzyowski is the founder and CEO of Ecommerce Marketing Agency. Ecommerce Marketing Agency is a digital marketing agency that specializes in building turnkey ecommerce stores and offers expertise in digital media transactions across multiple platforms operating in Miami, Florida. Ridzyowski started his journey as an entrepreneur right after graduating from high school by teaching himself about advertising with blogs and Google AdSense. Steven built his own white label skincare brand shortly after being introduced to affiliate marketing through advertising and it quickly became one of his most successful business ventures. After founding his own business Steven started to recognize market trends and gain a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of digital marketing. With over 13 years of experience Ridzyowski founded Ecommerce Marketing Agency in 2020 and has since established a team of experts who offer unmatched support and a hassle free experience for clients. Staying on top of trends has been a valuable tool for Steven, and Ecommerce Marketing Agency’s ability to consistently do that will be a key factor in their future success. To learn more about Steven Ridzyowski or Ecommerce Marketing Agency click here.

Ryan Kearns

Ryan Kearns is an American business professional and the founder of Auto Dent Company. In 2015 Ryan got his start in the automotive industry — servicing vehicles with their repairs, since then Ryan has successfully grown the organization to 5 locations. Ryans success has started with his philosophy which is to always put his customers and employees first. To date his organization has offered the best compensation in his marketplace for all of his staff, and truly focused on his customers needs. When asked what advice he would give to an entrepreneur today he explained, “Stay the course and continue to save and reinvest into your business to make it better for those that you serve.” Kearns understands the importance from an executive standpoint to surround yourself with the right people and constantly recruit new talent to join his organization. In the future, Ryan plans of expanding Auto Dent company further into different markets and furthermore expanding into different service verticals such as wholesaling vehicles to roofing. To learn more about Ryan Kearns and Auto Dent Company, click here

Rick Mirza

Rick Mirza is an American entrepreneur and business professional and CEO of Topdot Solar. In his career Rick has successfully built and scaled businesses in the wireless retail, solar power, & real estate industries. In the future, Mirza wants Topdot Solar to be a household name across America — stating that there are over 20 million potential customers in the solar energy market. When it comes to building his staff, Rick believes that the only way to have a successful business in the long term is by constantly treating your employees well and offering competitive compensation. Looking forward to the future, Rick says that companies like Topdot Solar who are truly putting in the financial resources towards development and staffing will be here to stay. In the future Mirza is focused on expanding his organization’s marketplace notability by establishing future branding and marketing campaigns. With a few months left in the 2021 business calendar year, look for Rick Mirza to continue to expand his company’s interests across the domestic United States. To learn more about Rick Mirza and Topdot Solar, click here.

Scott Carson

Scott “The Note Guy” Carson is an American entrepreneur & real estate investor.  For the past 14 years, Scott has focused on the debt and equities market focused on buying distressed mortgages on residential and commercial properties in over 30 states across the United States. To date he and his organization have purchased more than half a billion dollars in distressed debt. The mission of his organization is to purchase distressed debt from banks and institutions at large discounts, and then work to offer flexible options to borrowers that are late on their mortgage by working to create win-win scenarios for the borrowers and his organization. Scott went on to say that he believes the future of his market will be hot for the next several years with millions of borrowers behind on their mortgage payments and the foreclosure and eviction moratoriums ending. Scott is actively seeking investors and students to join his organization and profit on distressed mortgage notes. To learn more about Scott “The Note Guy” Carson and his organization click here.   

Mike Mondelli 

Mike Mondelli is an American Business Professional and an ambitious motivator that loves to help those around him succeed. Mondelli understands the importance of accountability, which has been a staple to his success in his career in construction management and real estate. His organization offers construction builds and sub lease management throughout South Florida, they cater to all size contracts from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to large commercial construction and contracting. To date the organization has focused on servicing its exclusive book of business. In 2021 and thus moving forward the company is ready to expand and service more individuals and organizations that need a reliable solution to their construction needs. Mike believes that the future of his industry will continue to be busy as he stated “We are excited to grow and service more people in our community, our proven concepts and trained reliable sub contractors make us the best service provider for all commercial and residential construction in South Florida. To learn more about Mike Mondelli and his organization, click here

Rey Reyes

Rey Reyes is an American Business Professional and one of the top mortgage brokers in the country. Known for his hardworking and disciplined approach to business, Rey has built a name for himself as a trustworthy and professional broker. Based out of California, Reyes is the Owner and Senior Loan Officer at his loan office Sharp Loan and is responsible for the high standards and experience that Sharp Loan provides. Reyes has been working with mortgage loans since age 18 and utilizes that experience along with his passion for his work to constantly improve client experience. Rey is confident that the market is only getting bigger and constantly expanding because people will always need mortgage loans. Wanting to continue expanding, Rey is looking to move into different states such as Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado in the future, along with opening new branches in California to extend the service to more clients. Reyes is also looking to provide more resources for realtors so they have the support needed to be successful. To learn more about Rey Reyes and Sharp Loan click here.

Tasos Chasekioglou

Tasos Chasekioglou is a Greek American Business professional and hospitality entrepreneur. His current organization, CT Luxury Catering offers a whiteglove exclusive culinary & hospitality experience to high level qualified individuals both domestically and internationally. Tasos views the current marketplace in his sector of hospitality as competitive, stating that “There are a lot of chefs that are providing their own services after the covid & restaurant ordeal, of them though not many offer catering services and even less that have the means to service the world’s elite.” Tasos believes that in the future the culinary and hospitality industry will continue to grow especially at his company’s main locative service area which is Miami, Florida. With the shift of wealth and corporations moving from New York to Miami, Tasos is ready for an influx in private dinners and venues for high level exclusive individuals that desire a full concierge experience. To learn more about Tasos Chasekioglou & his company CT Luxury Catering, click here

Carmine DiGiovanni 

Carmine Di Giovanni is an American restaurateur based out of New York City. In his career, Carmine has opened over 20+ locations worldwide with his team at David Burke restaurants — Including two successful Michelin Star rated restaurants. As an executive restaurateur, Carmine enjoys giving back to the community and taking care of the various staff he oversees both domestically and internationally. Carmine has been able to separate himself as restaurateur by having a dynamic focus in the eateries he oversees. He focuses on three important verticals: ambiance, food and service — Carmine went on to say that “Most restaurants forget to focus on all three, they either do really well at one or lack strength in any of them. By understanding what is important you can create an amazing memorable and repeat experience for those that attend your restaurant.” Carmine Di Giovanni looks forward to continuing to build his stores in the future under the Burke Branch & to continue to give back to the communities that he oversees. To Learn more about Carmine, click here

Raymond Li 

Chef Raymond Li is an American culinary professional and chef based out of Miami, Florida. Raymond started his culinary career as a chef at Palmar, during his tenure the restaurant was rated as one of the 50 best new restaurants in the US by Bon Appetit . In his career, Raymond has worked with various Michelin Star winning restaurants including the first Colombian Michelin star restaurant in the world, El Cielo DC. Li has been able to separate himself as a professional chef and entrepreneur by having a strong why and work ethic. He went on to say that it goes hand and hand with the ability to adapt stating, “As we see the world change we have to stay persistent and have a strong work ethic especially with the new world that we live in.” In the future Raymond plans on continuing to work on his craft as a professional and to continue to create an impact and inspire the youth that haven’t had a great upbringing so that they can 

create something better in their life. To learn more about Raymond Li follow him on Instagram, click here.

Danny Cavallaro

Danny Cavallaro is an American Business Professional and inspiring entrepreneur that is seeking to change people’s lives through health and fitness. He is dominating the online fitness space and is making a huge impact on his audience. He was previously on the road to physical therapy through university but decided to take his online fitness business, DC FIT, full time and to the next level. As a service provider in the online fitness industry, Cavallaro focuses on overdelivering. Dan believes that the number one reason for his organization’s success has been the constant importance of overdelivering to anyone on one of his life changing fitness programs. Danny believes that he is at the forefront of the future of the whole fitness sector stating “Everything will be online in the future of fitness, I am truly excited for what is to come and what patented services and consultative value we will be able to offer in the marketplace to our customers.” Cavallaro is focusing on expanding his businesses services and qualified retained clients domestically in the United States, to learn more about Dan and DC Fit click here

Che Phillips 

Che Phillips is a Trinidadian entrepreneur and founder of Wealth Investors Club. Che began his path as an entrepreneur by starting a business as a DJ, and used the money to start Wealth Investors Club and take himself to the next level. Phillips never lost his roots, and continues to DJ today working with big names like Capital Records. Since then Che founded Wealth Investors Club with the goal of helping other people achieve the same amount of financial success he has. Wealth Investors Club offers a white glove service to assist clients with ecommerce investment, credit repair, and business consultations. Phillips believes that maintaining a strong mentality is necessary for any entrepreneur, and stated that he spends about an hour every single morning mentally preparing himself for the day. Che has big plans for the future and intends to expand deeper into the ecommerce world, working with all platforms like Youtube, Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Phillips looks forward to traveling around the world and buying his dream car – a Lamborghini Urus. 

Ignas Jurkonis

Ignas Jurkonis is an American based business professional and the Founder and CEO of the global company UC Group who was born and raised in Lithuania. Ignas’ primary focus is on company value turnarounds, combining traditional industries, and modern management philosophies. Currently in his organization, Jurkonis is leading and developing a group of companies through a series of mergers and acquisitions. UC Group provides customized freight forwarding services in 48 states, and has a fleet of over 500 trucks. Ignas believes that an important part of being a modern day executive is to build your own personal brand, saying “Successful people today are selling, promoting, growing, and strengthening themselves.” Besides being the CEO of UC Group, Ignas is also known for his support of young entrepreneurs, social projects, and non-profit activity both nationally and internationally. Even having a guest lecture in place with the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business, Ignas is someone who never stops learning, or educating others. To learn more about Ignas Jurkonis & UC Group click here.

David Spencer 

David Spencer is an American business professional, & the Co-Founder of Talent Resources Sports. TRS creates commercial partnerships on behalf of consumer brands leveraging the power of athletes, celebrities, and influencers. David leads all sports driven initiatives with a focus on endorsements, deals, digital campaigns, and event driven marketing. Along with his business partner Michael Heller, David has built an extensive network and ability to develop relations across sports and entertainment over the past 35 years. Although TRS has been providing excellent service since before the internet was the center of marketing, David makes sure that the company is up to date with the best marketing capabilities for today’s consumer needs. The adaptability David has exemplified for TRS has been a key factor in successfully building the company and being able to stay current or ahead of market trends. David states that in the future their plan is to continue building meaningful relationships across media and entertainment, and to continue to add value to their respective clients and organization. To learn more about Talent Resources Sports, click here.

Oliver Trevena

Oliver Trevena is an American based entrepreneur and investor who was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Oliver is also renowned as an actor and for his worldwide philanthropy work against slavery and human trafficking. Trevena has an incredible investment portfolio under his Ollywood Media Company, such as Dogpound, Vital Red Light, Next Health and CLMBR, with his priority passion being his own company Caliwater — his organic cactus based functional beverage company which he co-founded with actress Vanessa Hudgens. As a newer beverage, cactus water drinks are rapidly growing in popularity. Oliver states “Caliwater is certainly carving out its own niche and we are determined to make it the leading cactus water provider, a sector that is just emerging.” Oliver considers his philanthropic work to be one of his biggest successes. Trevena is also the spokesperson for the global organization “Not for sale”and in 2022 he will be releasing a documentary that will be based on forced child marriage and the importance of education for girls in rural India. To learn more about Oliver Trevena click here.

Amanda Stein

Amanda Stein is an American entrepreneur and founder of Ellis Stein Group, LLC. Recognized in 2018 as one of the Portland Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class, and a Forbes Agency Council contributor, Amanda has over a decade of experience in the digital marketing space. Known for providing personalized solutions and establishing long-term and close relationships with her clients, she has fine-tuned her business instincts to manage a wide portfolio of projects, including: defining and enforcing best practices for all aspects of the business, building and executing digital marketing strategies combining content curation, paid advertising, community management, and improving measurable key performance indicators for clients. On the future of digital marketing, Amanda believes “Channels will change, new platforms, tools and resources will be born and how strategies are executed will evolve. However, the underlying marketing themes will remain in place with an emphasis on using storytelling to leverage content, advertising, and being intentional with engaging in two-way conversations with your audience online.”  Stein is excited to continue building Ellis Stein Group LLC and creating winning campaigns with her clients. Outside of her career Amanda is a dedicated wife and mother of four and is highly involved with her local community and non-profit organizations. Amanda is also in the beginning phases of writing a book sharing her story as a working mother and entrepreneur.  To learn more about Amanda or Ellis Stein Group LLC click here.

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