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Mortgage Professionals To Follow in 2022

With an eventful year, lending officers and mortgage professionals across the world have successfully helped families get homes at incredible rates. Due to monetary inflation and domestic issuing of new dollars in the likes of which we’ve never seen, Government officials & or Federal monetary agencies have offered fixed lending for housing at record low. 

With lowered issued rates in congruence with Federal agencies and central banks, lending products have made home buying a reality for more home buyers than ever before. To learn more, We have put together a list of what we believe to be the Top Mortgage Professionals you should know about in this new year. By reading you will learn more about territorial coverages both domestic and internationally & what value these Lenders provide in their local marketplace(s). 

Sean Cahan

Sean Cahan is an American Business professional and the president of Cornerstone First Mortgage. At the start of Sean’s career with Cornerstone First Mortgage they just had one branch, but under his leadership the company has grown to be a national banking institution that is licensed in 46 states. Cornerstone First Mortgage is a mortgage bank that is dedicated to empowering employees and members. Sean is a firm believer that to be successful in the mortgage industry you have to establish a personal brand, be educated, and be fearless. Making the loan process easier for clients and educating them is important to Cahan and he is always looking for new ways to do so. Cutting edge technology has been a key factor in the growth of Cornerstone First Mortgage. Sean stated that innovative technology allows the company to stay at the forefront of the industry. To learn more about Sean Cahan click here

Alec Hanson 

Alec Hanson is an American mortgage professional who has almost two decades of experience in the mortgage industry. Alec is the Senior Vice President of the Pacific Southwest for loanDepot and oversees over 1000 sales people across nine states. The mortgage lending industry is rapidly changing with technology, and Hanson makes it a priority to stay current with new developments. Today, loanDepot’s nationwide team of 8,000+ members helps more than 25,000 customers each month to provide its clients in search of home financing an exceptional experience. Alec’s leadership within the retail channel continues to push the industry forward, advancing sales strategies and tactics to help local mortgage professionals build outstanding influence in their digital and local communities. These changes are affecting the way loans are processed and underwritten and will radically transform the entire industry. As for what’s next for Alec Hanson and loanDepot, they are looking for new ways to leverage their core technologies, continuing to advance their tactics and strategies, meeting new customers digitally, and expanding their sales team. To keep up with Alec Hanson and loanDepot, click here.

Christopher Molina

Christopher Molina is an American Mortgage Professional based out of Palm Beach County, Florida. As a lender, Molina operates with Cross Country Mortgage and has successfully built an organization awarded as the #1 lender in all of Palm Beach County. Molina views the future of the mortgage industry as an abundant opportunity for lenders to align loan products to home buyers. Chris went on to state “Only 25% of homes are bought in cash, and having a roof over your head isn’t something that is going to go away anytime soon”. With the simple macro explanation, Chris is confident and optimistic for another great year of providing lending products to homebuyers. In the future, Christopher is focused on building proprietary processes that will streamline the mortgage process for homeowners bidding on homes to get pre-approved quicker than other Mortgage providers in his Marketplace. To learn more about Christopher Molina and Cross Country Mortgage, click here

Beau Cox

Beau Cox is an American mortgage professional and producing branch manager at Nations Lending Corporation. Beau has been in the mortgage industry for over 15 years and operates the mid-Atlantic region with a friend he’s known since childhood. Cox specializes in loans for law enforcement, and he is commonly regarded as the number one mortgage professional for law enforcement in his region. Most brokers take a transactional approach to new clients, but Beau has built his reputation as a top lender by building a personalized relationship with every client he works with. Beau stated that technology will play a huge role in the future of the industry by making the mortgage process faster and more efficient. Although this is true, he stressed the importance of personalized service and said that borrowers will still need a live person to help them along. Nations Lending Corporation will be at the forefront of these advancements and looks forward to helping clients with every resource available to them in the future. To learn more about Beau Cox, click here

Alisha Cooper-Wells

Alisha Cooper-Wells is an American mortgage professional and the founder of MsCooperHomeLoans. MsCooperHomeLoans is a mortgage brokerage that Alisha built from the ground up that services the DMV area. Alisha doesn’t just help people out with their mortgages though, she also established Wells Real Estate Partners and Wells Insurance Group and uses her expertise in various industries to impact her clients’ lives in a positive way. Now, Cooper-Wells is focused on growth and the expansion of her organization. In the last 6 months, MsCooperHomeLoans has hired over 100 brokers and helped them get licensed. Alisha is driven to help others succeed, and she hopes to take on 250 more brokers in 2022. Along with her other endeavors, Cooper-Wells also developed BizFund Academy. BizFund Academy trains prospective brokers to educate them and prepare them for a career in the mortgage industry. The mortgage industry is rapidly growing and changing, but Alisha takes every opportunity to adapt to it so she can continue to help others. To learn more about Alisha Cooper-Wells, click here

Marisol Espinoza 

Marisol Espinoza is a mortgage professional and loan officer at Western Pioneer Financial, a mortgage brokerage in Fresno, CA. Marisol sets herself apart from others in the industry by taking a personalized approach to every client that walks through the door, and her creative solutions to any of her client’s problems. Espinoza got her start in the mortgage industry in 2016 and she found success quickly thanks to her wealth of knowledge and ease of working with. The mortgage industry is rapidly changing with the implementation of new technology and AI solutions, but Marisol stated that these advancements still have drawbacks. While new technology will make the mortgage process more efficient, people still desire the personal touch and experience that loan officers like Marisol provide. Marisol is excited about the future and sees it as an opportunity to continue helping as many families as possible find a new home and begin the next chapter of their lives. To learn more about Marisol Espinoza, click here

Terry Kilakos

Terry Kilakos is a Canadian Mortgage Professional with over 16 years of mortgage lending experience. He currently sits as the Principle & Founder of Northeast Real Estate & Mortgage, a top producing Multi-Disciplinary agency in the Canadian Marketplace. Terry has successfully built his organization and aligned solutions to home buyers by educating the public. He went on to say “We have built our business around education, and we’ve seen our customers really appreciate that”. Kilakos also explained as a Multi-Disciplinary, his organization is licensed to sell Financial, Real Estate, & Mortgage products giving his organizations licensed brokers more access to marketplace needs by aligning with other talents in-house. For those looking to become a mortgage broker, Kilakos explained the importance of patience. Terry went on to say ”The Press & Media makes it seem like you will succeed without any industry knowledge, your best bet is to align with an organization that offers senior-level management and advisory”. In the future, Kilakos is excited to continue to expand and propel his organization into future domestic Marketplaces. To learn more about Terry Kilakos and Northeast Real Estate & Mortgage, click here

Joseph Curcio

Joseph Curcio is an American mortgage professional and Branch Manager at The Home Team of Roundpoint Mortgage. Joseph specializes in helping clients with mortgages, refinances, and residential purchases. Curcio has been successful in the mortgage industry by taking a communicative approach that allows him to walk clients through every process step by step. His positive and educational demeanor gives clients peace of mind knowing that they understand everything that is going on. Joseph is inspired by helping others and his clients are always his top priority. Joseph’s ability to take a traditional mindset and amplify it by utilizing social media has been crucial to his success, and he looks forward to seeing how new technology can help. Rental Point Mortgage has a new platform launching soon that will streamline the mortgage process and make it more efficient. This new platform will help Joseph expand and help a wider range of people. To learn more about Joseph Curcio, click here

Paul Zagwyn 

Paul Zagwyn is an American Mortgage Professional & United States Marine Corps Military Veteran based out of Arlington, Massachusetts. Mr. Zagwyn has implemented the work ethic and processes necessary to be successful in the mortgage industry, allowing him to quickly grow to becoming a top-up and coming Mortgage Lender. The service-orientated veteran has successfully earned business in the Marketplace by providing customer service at a high level for all of his existing and new clientele. The biggest success of Paul’s career has been providing his services to friends and family that have also served in the military, by offering them his loan products and expertise in the purchasing of homes in multiple states. Zagwyn has aligned with the Military community, and in the future hopes to continue to provide the best available VA home loans for his community and the greater Massachusetts community. To learn more about Paul Zagwyn, Click here

Jason Smith 

Jason Smith is an American Mortgage professional and the Senior Vice President of Nova Home Loans. Jason has over a decade of experience as a lender and is an expert in VA, FHA, Conventional, USDA, and Jumbo loans. Although Smith is a local lender to the Scottsdale, Arizona area, he is licensed to originate mortgage loans in 10 states across the country. A personalized approach to mortgage lending has allowed Jason to provide an unmatched level of understanding to his clients. Jason is committed to putting his clients in homes they could have never dreamed of owning before working with his team. Smith is a nationally recognized mortgage professional, ranking in the top 300 producing loan officers in the entire country in 2017. In addition to helping buyers find their new home, Jason also works with several real estate investors helping them locate and purchase investment properties. In the future, Smith wants to continue growing his team and aligning with clients to provide a hassle-free mortgage experience. To learn more about Jason Smith, click here

Mikey Esquivel

Mike Esquivel is an American Mortgage Professional & current lending officer at The Mortgage Guys San Diego. Esquivel offers his lending products in the greater San Diego County, such lending products include: FHA, VA, Conventional, & First Time Home Buyer Loans. Esquivel believes the future of Mortgage lending is in alignment with the rate of innovation in Customer Tech & Fintech. Mike went on to say “Over the next decade, most if not all of the mortgage lending process will be essentially automated with online user-friendly applications such as Jotforms”. Esquivel believes that in order to be successful in the Mortgage Lending industry you must focus on structure and master the activities necessary to become a productive broker. In the future, Mike is excited to continue to expand his Market share and build a team of brokers underneath him. In this effort, Esquivel ensures to provide value to the future talent that will join his team by giving them his proprietary systems and processes that have allowed him to succeed in the space. To learn more about Mike Esquivel, click here

Derek Rodriguez

Derek Rodriguez is an American Mortgage Professional based out of Long Island, New York. In his career, Rodriguez initially started off on the Title side and eventually made a transition into Mortgage lending services. Rodriguez was able to build his Market share in the success as a Mortgage lender quickly thanks to the processes and information he learned from being in the Title business prior. When asked what it takes to become a successful mortgage professional, Derek said “Build as many relationships as possible, as it is the key to growth in this industry. Besides that, Rodriguez also has credited his consistent work ethic as a very important aspect to what has allowed him to be successful in the marketplace as a mortgage broker. In the future, Derek plans to continue to expand his reach and align his lending products with future home buyers & or existing homeowners seeking to refinance their homes. To learn more about Derek Rodriguez, click here

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