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Transform your Career with Dawn D. Owens, Helping Professionals Dominate the Field as SMEs

Dawn D. Owens
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Embarking on a career transformation can be a daunting endeavor, filled with uncertainties and challenges. Amidst this complex journey, Dawn D. Owens emerges as a guiding light, helping professionals elevate their careers to new heights. 

Dawn D. Owens

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As a publisher, author, and author coach, she specializes in assisting clients in navigating obstacles such as time management, accountability, fear, and the intricacies of the book writing process, empowering them to launch a new career as an author. Boasting over twenty years of experience in corporate communications, entrepreneurship, and spiritual mentorship, Dawn delivers unparalleled insights and expertise to those she serves.

In 2003, Dawn left her corporate job and embarked on a journey of faith and personal growth. She started her first company, The Corporate Couch, which offered career coaching services to professionals. After writing her book, “Light After a Layoff,” she expanded her career coaching business and launched her speaking career. By 2017, Dawn began offering author coaching services, and in 2020, she officially opened The Owens Publishing Company.

Dawn established The Owens Publishing Company during a challenging period marked by a global pandemic and civil unrest. Despite the difficulties, she found inspiration in the call for change and the determination of marginalized people to use their voices for the greater good. Dawn recognized her role in helping others start a new career as an author and ensuring their voices would be heard for generations to come.

The Owens Publishing Company helps professionals become non-fiction authors, regardless of their writing skills. By streamlining and laying the groundwork for clients to express themselves and their experience in their respective field of work, the company opens up avenues of growth-focused opportunities. The comprehensive approach enables professionals to share their knowledge and insights with a broader audience, establishing themselves as experts in the field, and contributing to the betterment of their industries and communities.

Dawn D. Owens

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Moreover, Dawn D. Owens sets herself apart in the competitive world of author coaching by leveraging her extensive background as a career coach. This dual expertise enables her to approach clients’ challenges from an all-inclusive and innovative standpoint, providing valuable guidance in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Her proficiency in both realms equips her to uncover critical insights that facilitate clients’ progress toward their goals. Owens’ spiritual gift of discernment allows her to guide clients through difficult areas and help them take the brave first step on their journey to growth.

Her unique perspective on career development, combined with her understanding of the book writing process, positions Dawn as a valuable resource for professionals seeking to reinvent themselves as authors. Through her ingenious coaching methods, Dawn steers her clients in identifying their strengths, honing their messages, and overcoming pain points that may hinder their success.

For budding professionals and experts looking to break through the mold, Dawn’s best advice for those seeking success is to place God first in all aspects of life and follow His guidance. “place God first in all things,” Dawn says.

As The Owens Publishing Company charts its course for the future, global expansion, forging strategic partnerships, and broadening its reach and impact stand at the forefront of its objectives. By delving into the intricacies of publishing, marketing, and distribution channels across international markets, the company sets its sights on empowering a new generation of professionals to disseminate their valuable insights on a global scale. Through Dawn’s visionary leadership, The Owens Publishing Company is poised to shape the thought leaders and industry experts of tomorrow, leaving an indelible mark on the world of non-fiction authorship.

About Dawn D. Owens

Dawn is known for inspiring professionals to soar to new heights in life and business. She received her BBA from Ohio University, and her MPA from the University of Akron. Her unique, growth-focused methodology is centered on spiritual growth and empowerment, enabling clients to enjoy increased productivity, enhanced focus, and renewed vision. She is a certified Professional Book Marketing Consultant and has been recognized as a Book Publishing Professional through the Non-Fiction Authors Association (NFAA). In addition, Dawn was recently featured internationally through the Black Book Collective at the Sharjah International Book Fair in the United Arab Emirates. She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Pearland, Texas where she resides with her husband, Jesse.

Transform your Career with Dawn D. Owens, Helping Profession

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