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Trauma Coach Kristal Klear Took Supporting Victims of Abuse through Various Means

Not often does one meet a driven entrepreneur, expert trauma coach, and published author all in one. But that’s who you’ll meet in Kristal Klear, a coach with a deep passion for restoring and bouncing back from brokenness to wholeness, which motivates her every day. 

Kristal Klear is an expert in handling the cases of human trafficking, trauma care, sexual abuse, child abuse, and mental health issue. She provides helpful knowledge and insights on how to combat the inhumane exploitation practices in different communities through education. As an expression of her deep desire to help the victims, whom she often refers to as “overcomers,” she even created “Healing Beyond Sexual Misconduct.” This curriculum is focused on the proper handling of sexual misconduct from a leadership position in various environments.

“What motivated us is our healing journey. It gives others a safe place to unify, develop character and establish one’s voice of truth,” said the CEO of RPS. Kristal and her team motivate them with one of her favorite slogans, “We can’t do anything about the past, but we sure can do something about the future.” Her profound passion is most presently expressed by being the CEO and Founder of Rock Paper Scissors Foundation (RPS), an organization specializing in helping and supporting those who have been physically, mentally, sexually, and emotionally abused and human trafficked.

“We hope that through this simple article, we will be able to help people authentically see themselves by embracing themselves, their career goals, and personal goals,” added Klear. “We want to provide them with resources and hope through our words that would condition them of the mindset of generational wealth.”

What separates the Rock Paper Scissors Foundation from other groups is its organic sense of providing community awareness, making a global impact, and unifying all walks of life.

The organization’s mission involves women, men, girls, and boys. They tend to connect primarily with women who have overcome all forms of abuse, human trafficking, and domestic violence. However, they also help those who experience mental health battles or challenges connected with the general community and public.

In five years, Kristal and her team see this movement making a more significant impact on a national level through programming, current affairs, community activism, resources, education, and national conferences in various states. They recently fought for a bill to be passed regarding human trafficking. While this bill is for all who have been trafficked, it is more specifically for our brown girls to be safe and given the protection and voice they need. They are looking forward to seeing themselves being fully funded and staffed, and duplicated. RPS desires to see training programs that go into organizations to make sure we are bringing awareness.

“We give a voice to those who have been silenced by all forms of abuse, low self-esteem, and human trafficking through prevention and healing. The end goal of creating overcomers” said the passionate CEO.

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