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Travis Richey Successfully Launches the World’s First Ever Podcast for Incarcerated Individuals

Incarceration can have damaging effects on people who spend a lengthy amount of time away from their loved ones and the life that they once lived. While the most common intention is to rehabilitate a person, it is undeniable that people inside correctional facilities can easily succumb to mental health issues without the proper intervention. AccomplishEd Ventures Founder Travis Richey is about to change through the successful launch of the world’s first podcast for incarcerated individuals that will air inspiring feature stories, insights that will help them find their purpose in life, and mindfulness content that will help them manage their emotions. 

The partnership with the Department of Corrections is a phenomenal breakthrough worth celebrating. Speaking encouragement, life, and hope to four million inmates across the country once a week is a remarkable feat for someone who also has an inspiring story to tell. After seeing so many people suffer from mental health issues before, during, and after the pandemic, Travis Richey is fully convinced that he is doing the right thing by launching the podcast. Sixty minutes of talk and interviews may seem common for those who are on the outside, but for people living behind concrete walls, those sixty minutes may be their only hope in aspiring for a better life. 

“These individuals see, hear, and feel unique things on a daily basis that we, on the outside, don’t and often can’t relate to,” Travis Richey explains. “So instead of a usual 1:1 podcast focused on the same social topics, I wanted these stories to be a real, raw, emotional journey through life ups and downs. I want people to leave inspired and at peace whether they are in a cell or in their own bed at home, or in a park. My goal is to put people in a mindset that allows them to know and truly feel like they can accomplish anything they desire. A good day or a bad day is merely their own decision,” he concludes. 

The podcast is also made possible through the help of Three Sages, a team of wellness and industry experts that is focused on giving people a restorative experience by teaching them to connect with nature, find balance, and ground themselves. It teaches meditation, Yoga and stretching, proper breathing techniques, and steps to achieve recovery. The podcast will also include Three Sages’ mindfulness material. 

Travis Richey describes the podcast as a unique “Chicken Soup for the Incarcerated Soul.” He believes that everyone behind bars deserves a second chance, whether or not they are willing to grab that opportunity. 

Travis Richey is constantly on the lookout for new collaborations with organizations interested in infusing wellness into their offices to help people maintain their mental health. Providing helpful audio and video materials gives people access to quality mindfulness materials that will help them relax, improve their perspective of things, and provide them with clarity. With these tools made available to everyone who needs them the most, Travis looks forward to helping more people improve their quality of life. 

Learn more about Travis Richey and AccomplishEd Ventures by visiting this site. Follow him on Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

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