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TrueFanz Founder Tim Branyan on Developing Highly Optimized Mobile Apps and Helping Others Become Tech Entrepreneurs

In the world today, many content creators and business owners are emerging, providing products and services that the general public needs. However, very few of these entrepreneurs have the required knowledge or platform to create massive profitability in sales and improve the efficiency of their products and services. To help these business owners and content creators improve their digital footprint and scale their businesses, Tech expert and combat veteran Tim Branyan has cracked the code on helping clients optimize their platforms and explore new opportunities.

Tim Branyan is a self-made millionaire, tech industry leader, investor, and trailblazing entrepreneur. He started his career as a United States Air Force Airman, but he soon realized that life in the Force was not for him, so he left to find another venture he could dedicate himself to. So in 2011, with no formal education and only $8,000 in his account, he launched his first successful app. After finding success through trial and error in the technology industry, Tim built the social media platform TrueFanz which was built to help content creators monetize their brand and fan base. 

TrueFanz is an innovative platform that helps influencers become entrepreneurs, TrueFanz helps content creators showcase and monetize their creative work online. Additionally, TrueFanz was developed with a membership platform wherein audiences can tune into their subscription service to continue supporting their favorite content creators. Since the successful launch of TrueFanz, Tim Branyan and his team of tech experts and developers from renowned companies such as Apple, Amazon, USAF, Epic, and Microsoft have launched hundreds of apps, developed hundreds of platforms, and directly supported other innovative projects. 

Standing at the helm of a successful operation, Tim helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors build disruptive applications and technology. He utilizes the most advanced technology to launch visually stunning and highly intuitive apps tailor-made to the clients’ needs. Furthermore, the USA-based design company also provides excellent support and helps clients with distribution and insight to drive sales. As a result, the firebrand entrepreneur and his team of developers have scaled to millions of users across his platforms globally. A passionate builder, Tim Branyan’s enthusiasm and desire to put his clients’ needs at the forefront sets him apart from other mobile designers in the industry. 

Now, Tim Branyan wants to share everything he learned and empower others to build towards their own ideal freedom and wealth. “You don’t need to work 90 hours a week, losing precious family time to build a better future. Likewise, your fitness, family, and faith should NEVER suffer in pursuing your freedom. ‍ I have proven that it’s possible to nurture and enjoy all aspects of life while building a business. My mission is to help people become rich without sacrificing their sanity or soul,” he says. 

On his website, Tim provides free tools and resources for entrepreneurs looking to build an app,  step out of their comfort zone, or  scale their existing business. “You can also apply for a free consultation to see how I can help you reach your goals or follow me on all my socials and get the opportunity to engage with me directly.”

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