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Tunedly: a Promising Music Discovery Platform and Online Recording Studio Enabling the Success of the Next Generation of Musicians

It is undeniable that the music scene has become more accessible for aspiring musicians who want to pursue their passion and grace national and international stages. Over the years, numerous barriers to entry have been broken primarily due to the advent of digital technology and the rise of social media. However, it remains true that the industry remains the playground of those born to privilege and connections. Countless artists with nothing but their dreams on their backs found themselves unprepared and unequipped in the face of the growing saturation and competitiveness in the field. Tunedly, a music discovery platform, aims to level the arena and give every go-getter a shot at reaching the summit. 

Tunedly is a promising power player founded in 2015 that also serves as an online music production and publishing source. Its establishment rests under the recognition that many talents fail to penetrate the cutthroat world of music and entertainment because of a lack of resources and opportunities. Strategically designed to enable vocalists to produce songs guaranteed to stand out, it offers an online equivalent to a recording studio. On top of connecting songwriters and music creators with professionals who are highly competent at music production and publishing, this fast-growing venture also allows independent singers and songwriters to upload their music on the platform and showcase their tracks alongside some of today’s most prominent stars. 

While Tunedly inarguably boasts a plethora of appealing perks, one of the features that are bound to propel it toward the limelight even further is its music discovery platform. Scheduled to go live on July 1, this addition makes it possible for artists to ace the game.

“As we stream our clients’ releases alongside the current powerhouses who are dominating the charts, we strip away all identifying information from songs. We only display the song title and nothing more. Music consumers will then listen to a track and have no idea if they are listening to Ed Sheeran or a new voice in the industry,” shared the visionaries spearheading the company. 

At the helm of Tunedly are two creative minds whose vision of bridging the gap between artists with quality music and music publishing opportunities is turning into reality. Chris Erhardt is a songwriter who is intimately privy to the struggles attached to the process of finding session musicians and top-notch recording studios. The other half of the brain steering this acclaimed career accelerator to the top is Mylene Besancon, a former artist manager who is now CMO of Tunedly. She gets those under their wing in touch with the most qualified network of vetted session musicians. 

Currently, Tunedly is showing the potential to change the game in the coming years. It is transforming, as well, into the go-to platform for self-starters and budding artists because of the doors it opens for those with impressive discographies. After tracking listener behavior and taking note of upvotes, skips, average time spent on a song, and more, it generates a list of monthly hits, and these chart-toppers are then signed to exclusive publishing deals and placed in films and ads to generate royalties and sync license fees.

Armed with big plans for the future, Tunedly hopes to evolve into one of the major music publishing companies in the world. Above anything else, it aims to remain a music-centered platform dedicated to giving talents from all walks of life a shot at success. 

Learn more about Tunedly by visiting its website.

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