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Turn up the Anticipation: Exciting Developments from turn in 2024

Turn up the Anticipation: Exciting Developments from turn in 2024
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Southern California-based brand, turn, has become a premier name in the multifarious landscape of cannabis. The brand’s signature offerings in cannabis oil flavors, the original turn podpak, and the turn disposable vape pen have established it as a frontrunner in the domain. Now, as we look ahead, there are thrilling developments on the horizon for 2024; turn is not just expanding – it’s revolutionizing.

Inspired by innovation, turn intends to broaden its current product lines, introducing new vaping hardware – notably, an astonishingly compact and efficient 2ml pen. Also poised to make a debut are the highly anticipated pre-rolls, and the unveiling of the brand’s sister site, turnhemp, is sure to be an event to mark. Complementing these additions will be hurn’s further diversification into a variety of 100% live resin turnpens on offer, and the thrill of unexpected collaborations and unique partnerships that are in the pipeline. turn’s 2024 promises to be a year of evolution, expansion, and delights.

Of course, true to form, turn continues to create buzz with their fabulous giveaways. Who can forget the incredible Tokyo Rosé giveaway, which whisked a lucky family and the proactive employees of a select store all the way to Tokyo, Japan? Naturally, 2024 has another dreamy destination awaiting its big reveal. Who might be the fortunate beneficiary this time around? Stay tuned for the next thrilling announcement.

However, turn’s 2024 line-up doesn’t end there. This powerhouse of vivacious initiatives is looking to break new ground by introducing entirely new product categories. turn HQ has been swirling with escalated energy, prepping for their biggest year yet. Upcoming offerings include turntonic, turn’s signature craft beer and seltzer line, catering to the connoisseurs of fine brewed beverages. A vibrant apparel line includes stylish merchandise even for your four-legged companions.

Furthermore, the botanica blend pre-rolls are all set to create ripples in the industry. Innovation in vaping design with the introduction of the bigger 2ml pen spells perfection for vaping enthusiasts. A broad spectrum of new flavors promises endless opportunities to explore and enjoy. And don’t miss out on the turnTHCv capsules, designed to make your moments of recreation an invigorating pursuit. Whether you prefer to surf, skate, pass, or punt, there’s nothing like activating your inner energy with turn.

2024 awaits us with more turn podpak, turn disposable vapes, and turn merch ready to take the market by storm. There’s no doubt that turn is on the track to becoming the most coveted brand in the cannabis industry and beyond. This thriving brand’s website and numerous social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, are well equipped to keep fans up to date with these exhilarating developments.

As turn gears up for their extraordinary 2024 roll-out, they’re not just setting trends, they’re revolutionizing an industry, innovating across spectrums, and delivering novelty with every new product. So, permit us to leave you with turn’s mantra which aptly captures their belief – “it’s your turn.” Prepare to be intrigued, excited, and delighted with turn in 2024. turn believes it’s your moment to experience, explore, and most of all, to enjoy.

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