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Tyler Wagner and Authors Unite Is Creating New Realities One Book At A Time

Probably one of the most exciting success stories we hear today is about individuals who dropped out of school to chase a dream and ended up building an empire. We see this all the time with brands like Richard Branson and Virgin Group, Facebook and Mark Zuckerburg, or Truett Cathy and Chick Fil A. While their visions and what they created differ greatly, they all shared at least two common traits. Ambition and a desire for excellence. These traits are also shared by bestselling author and entrepreneur Tyler Wagner. Wagner’s company, Authors Unite, has helped authors to write and publish bestselling books for the last decade while building their brand and career.

Most authors look to write their book because they have a goal. That goal could be to share a story, build their brand, or launch a new career. Whatever their ambition is, they view a book as their way to get there. And they aren’t wrong, books are one of the best ways to share your message with a global audience and establish credibility for your brand. While their are many companies that are very good at publishing books for their clients, Tyler’s goal was to create something that was different and unique. “We decided to build a publishing company that was different. We wanted to meet a lot of different needs for our clients that extended past publishing their book.” Because Wagner recognizes that everyone’s underlying ambition for writing a book can be different, his team takes a unique approach. Before a single word is written or a book is published, Wagner takes the time to work out a success strategy for each of his clients. This includes determining the best marketing strategies, writing angles, and post-launch plan for his clients. For more than a decade,  Wagner has designed the perfect plan for each of his clients that leads to their continued success in publishing their book.

The first part of this plan would be writing the book. While many people want to write a book to further their dream, not everyone has the time or experience to do so. Because of this, Authors Unite offers professional editing and writing services for its authors. If you are stuck or want someone else to write your book, you will be put in contact with a world-class writer to write your book in your voice. Whether you chose to write your own book or have it written for you, Authors Unite backs its commitment to excellence with a money back guarantee. 

The second part of this plan is marketing. By offering a complete suite of services, Authors Unite offers a comprehensive marketing plan for their authors. “By running ads on Facebook, kindle, email campaigns and more, we are able to put books in front of the right audience for our author.” This is an extremely important aspect of their business. In a world where there are over 21 million books on Amazon alone, you definitely need to find a way to make your book stand out from the crowd. With multiple best selling authors like Herman Pool and Christopher Kai, it’s safe to say that their marketing efforts work.

The final part of the plan is business growth. While a successful book launch can help you boost your brand and may even carry your book to bestseller status, like everything that goes up – it eventually will come back down. That’s why Authors Unite offers continued services to help keep their authors brand in front of the right audience. Their services include Social Media Management, Media Placement and IPS services (Infinite Partnership System). With this extended service, Authors Unite is able to help authors to grow their brand, open new business opportunities, and keep their audience engaged and ready for the next book release. 

Tyler Wagner is the perfect example of someone who let his ambition and desire for excellence build something amazing. One of his clients said it best, Jason Treu – a bestselling author and keynote speaker had this to say of Wagner’s services. “Whether it’s a high level executive or someone just starting out, I would send them to Tyler because you’re going to get results.” And for many, these results are life changing. 

Tyler Wagner and his team at Authors Unite is dedicated to helping authors around the world to successfully publish their book, find and follow their greater passion and ultimately, make a lasting impact on the world. Their professional team is uniquely qualified to step an author through the entire writing process from first draft to final release. If you are interested in following Tyler, you can visit his Instagram. If you are interested in contacting his company Authors Unite, you can visit their website.

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