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Ukrainian Business Forum: Beauty Industry Insights in the USA

Ukrainian Business Forum: Beauty Industry Insights in the USA
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The Ukrainian Business Forum united driven beauty experts and entrepreneurs during a distinctive UBF event centered on the beauty and wellness industry in the United States. Taking place at the G-Gallery in Soho, Manhattan, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm on October 8, this gathering offered an extraordinary occasion for networking, allowing participants to establish fresh connections, cultivate friendships, and delve into promising business collaborations.

The event aimed to unveil the secrets of establishing a successful beauty business in the United States, offering valuable insights from seasoned experts in the field. A Q&A session allowed the audience to engage with the speakers, providing a platform to ask questions and gain in-depth knowledge. Additionally, attendees could engage in casual conversations while enjoying light snacks and music, and an exclusive dinner option was available for those looking to dine with the speakers.

Ukrainian Business Forum: Beauty Industry Insights in the USA

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The event offered a deep dive into the entrepreneurial atmosphere, where attendees had the privilege of listening to personal stories of triumphs and challenges. They learned about the mistakes made by successful entrepreneurs on their journey to success, as well as the strategies that propelled them to a respectable level of recognition and accomplishment.

The event featured an engaging Q&A session and a panel discussion with additional industry experts, where various aspects of the beauty business were explored. Attendees discovered strategies to increase their average sales, access the right client base, and achieve a breakthrough in the beauty industry.

Ukrainian Business Forum: Beauty Industry Insights in the USA

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Distinguished speakers graced the event, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the table:

  1. Liliana Gankevych – A holistic Esthetician and skincare expert, Liliana is the proud owner of Liliway Holistic Studio in the heart of New York City, sharing her journey from makeup artist to studio owner.
  2. Kateryna Levter – Founder of Beauty Department, who delved into business and marketing processes in the US beauty market.
  3. Andriana Pushchak – An international coach, judge, and speaker with an impressive list of accomplishments, she shared insights on restarting a professional career in the United States.
  4. Anastasia Dekhtyarenko – An international lawyer and co-founder of an agency specializing in obtaining licenses for beauty industry professionals in New York, discussed the essential topic of licenses for beauty specialists.
  5. Anna Sokolova – A permanent makeup master, trainer, judge, and speaker, who shared her experiences and insights on the opportunities that emigration can bring.
  6. Liliia Shapka – Founder of two permanent makeup studios in Ukraine, who discussed how to confirm and monetize one’s experience in the US market.
  7. Lana Brooks – Championing a new trend, Lana introduced the transition from #russianmanicure to #UKRAINIANMANICURE and shared her experiences as a Ukrainian beauty business ambassador in New York.
  8. Inna Poiatsyka – A cosmetologist and owner of 4U BODY&SKIN in Philadelphia, shared insights on hardware cosmetology and offered a roadmap for starting a beauty business in 2022-2023.
  9. Iryna Zirka – The creator of the Zirkaplace brand, a hairstylist and team leader, discussed the strength of collaboration in the beauty industry.

The event was expertly hosted by Anastasia Rovinska, also known as Sia Rovinska, a prominent Ukrainian public figure, actress, TV presenter, Instagram influencer, and UNICEF partner.

An exceptional guest, Ilona Chernobai, a Ukrainian influencer boasting 1 million followers and holding the title of the finest fitness blogger in Ukraine, brought a distinctive viewpoint to the event. Her impactful gesture at the Cannes Film Festival, where she immersed herself in red paint, served as a potent symbol of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

During the event, attendees were granted the remarkable privilege of engaging with industry experts, where they could pose their burning questions and glean knowledge directly from the seasoned professionals. The event thoughtfully extended a gesture of hospitality by offering complimentary beverages and light refreshments to all guests, fostering a convivial and inclusive atmosphere.

In summation, the UBF: Beauty and Wellness Business in USA event can be aptly described as an unequivocal triumph. The audience not only relished the wealth of valuable insights shared but also leveraged the extensive networking opportunities, ultimately emerging enriched and invigorated by the experience.

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