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UltraClear: Advocating Inclusive Skincare For All Skin Types


We recently celebrated Black History Month, in which the spotlight often shines on pioneers who have pushed the boundaries of arts, science, and social justice. Yet, an equally transformative movement is happening in skincare, where inclusivity and technological innovation converge. UltraClear Laser stands at the forefront of this revolution, introducing groundbreaking solutions tailored for all skin types, especially those rich in melanin.

The Need for Inclusive Skincare Technology

The skincare industry has grappled with providing effective solutions for diverse skin tones for years. The challenge has been particularly acute for individuals with darker complexions, whom traditional skincare technologies have historically underserved. These gaps in care and treatment options have been a matter of cosmetic concern and a broader issue of equity and inclusion.

Enter UltraClear Laser, a leader in innovation under the stewardship of Acclaro Medical. With its cold ablative fiber laser technology, UltraClear Laser is rewriting the narrative on skincare, offering safe, effective treatments that cater specifically to the needs of melanin-rich skin. According to UltraClear Laser’s website, this technological leap minimizes the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), a common side effect of traditional laser treatments on darker skin tones, thus opening the door to a new era of skincare inclusivity.

A Commitment to Diversity and Education

Beyond developing its cutting-edge technology, UltraClear Laser’s mission encompasses a broader commitment to diversity and education. The company actively fosters a culture of inclusion within its ranks and in its outreach efforts, ensuring that the benefits of its innovations reach all corners of the community. Through partnerships with diverse organizations and educational initiatives, UltraClear Laser empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their skincare, advocating for a world where everyone has access to treatments that meet their specific needs.

The UltraClear Difference

UltraClear Laser’s approach to skincare is not just about addressing existing concerns but also about preventing future issues. By targeting the unique skincare challenges faced by people of color, UltraClear’s technology offers a solution that is both preventive and curative, ensuring that individuals can enjoy radiant, youthful skin without compromise.

The benefits of UltraClear Laser’s technology extend beyond individual treatments, reflecting a broader impact on the aesthetics industry. By setting a new standard for inclusivity and effectiveness, UltraClear Laser is leading the way toward a future where skincare solutions are genuinely universal.

The Physician’s Perspective

Dr. Frey an experienced physician using UltraClear’s technology recently stated, “people with skin of color have historically been left out of clinical studies, marketing, products, and treatments in the beauty industry, which has limited their access to many major advancements. In the past, laser treatments, specifically, have been risky for darker skin types, including lasting damage such as scarring and discoloration. Because UltraClear laser technology has revolutionized the industry by creating an exclusive anti-aging laser treatment that works on all skin types, including Asian (III-IV), Latin (III-V), Middle Eastern (IV-V), and Darker Skin Types (VI), I am able to offer safe and effective treatments to our diverse patients at Howard University’s Department of Dermatology – the only Historically Black College or University (HBCU) with a Department of Dermatology.” 

As we recently celebrated Black History Month, UltraClear Laser’s contributions to the evolution of inclusive skincare technology remind us of the ongoing journey toward equity and inclusion in all areas of life. By prioritizing the needs of melanin-rich skin, UltraClear Laser is transforming skincare and championing a message of diversity and representation that resonates well beyond the aesthetics industry.

For those interested in experiencing the UltraClear difference or learning more about their commitment to inclusive skincare, visit UltraClear Laser’s website or their YouTube Channel and explore their innovative solutions.

As the conversation around inclusivity in skincare continues to evolve, UltraClear Laser is a testament to the power of technology and commitment to making advanced aesthetic treatments accessible and safe for all. 

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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