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Understanding the True Value of Digitalization and Expanding its Foothold Across the World

The world has taken a paradigm shift from analog to digital. This transition has influenced every single aspect of society, including businesses. The use of digital technology for devising strategies to make a business gain more success is named Digital Marketing.

The old methods of obtaining customers, expanding the audience, and generating leads have been profoundly affected by digital marketing. Due to various technological tactics, engaging customers and increasing revenues have now become fairly easier.

The cause of this shift is the world’s staggering growth and competition in every field. When it comes to business, keeping up with the competition is quite essential. The task is quite daunting. Even though it is quite difficult to stay ahead of the competition, it is not impossible.

In recent years, key players in the digital marketing world have become more prominent than the others. One of the most renowned firms is Betadia Limited- a UK-based digital insurance company that entered the industry in 2006 and has been providing exceptional financial protection to businesses since then.

Building a Name in the Industry

Not everyone is aware of the importance of financial protection or how to find a suitable insurance plan for their business in case adversity strikes. Realizing that it’s a genuine cause of concern, Oliver Roberts decided to launch a firm that would enable businesses to make investments without fear of financial vulnerability.

In 2006, the founder went live with his company, offering financial protection to clients to make their investment decisions hassle-free. Many clients have praised Betadia for its smooth processes and impeccable insurance policies. Headquartered in London, Betadia has expanded its foothold to different parts of the world. Today, the company has spread its roots across 12 regions, including Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

With time, the company progressed more, adding digital features to its operations. Today, Betadia serves as a guardian of its client’s and vendors’ investment products, safeguarding their financial plans by serving as an intuitive platform that promises user-friendly design and features. This working module offers users to manage their subscriptions within a few taps and make transfers from the comfort of their place.

The company offers several saving and investment plans, including B Bots, Wealth Enrich 2.0 and Wealth Protect 2.0. Each plan is tailored to empower investors to profit with insured capital. Betadia also offers users the opportunity to earn profits via a series of investment products provided by the company itself, provided the users meet the regulations of the insurance plan.

With the aim to shape a unique brand image in the insurance industry, Betadia also provides clients with investment knowledge that allows them to invest with great confidence and a sense of financial security. To engage with a broader audience, Betadia launched its own radio channel Betadia FM, where listeners across the world can grasp insights on how to get insured digitally.

In the future, the company plans to feature local and international lives webinars, hackathons and boot camps to provide the client exposure to the digital insurance realm!

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