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Up Close with Calvin Lewis: Where He’s Been and What He’s Up To

“Without a plan, you plan to fail.” This is the mantra that drives Calvin Lewis to become the best in everything he does. One of the most prominent artists of his generation in the entertainment industry, Calvin has achieved what others can only dream of in a lifetime. 

Calvin is an entertainer and dancer from the Bay Area. He has starred in many viral music videos, working alongside some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names, including Nef the Pharoah, Priceless Da Roc’s “Welcome To The Left Coast,” DMAC’s “Do It” featuring Myles Parrish, and Heaven Marina’s “Fuck It Up.”

Furthermore, the ultimate performer has shared the spotlight with Myles Parrish and has been featured on his hit music videos “Go” and “White Tee.” Calvin also shared that his relationship with Myles Parrish goes way back. Myles used to be part of the group called Kalin N Myles, and Calvin’s entertainment group called TheYayFamily used to attend his annual event called Hyphy Holidays in 2018.

TheYayFamily has been featured in a dance shoot with over 1.3 million views. The project was for Blocboy JB’s song “SHOOT,” where Calvin’s whole team participated in the official dance challenge for the track. TheYayFamily also did a collaboration video with none other than Priceless Da Roc and his group called TurnUpGang, proving that Calvin and his gang genuinely have what it takes to share the stage with chart-topping artists. 

Besides working alongside the industry’s top artists, Calvin has created many viral videos of his own, some even landing the pages of Yahoo! News. In addition, the entertainer engages millions of people on Twitter with his relatable tweets. Over the past two weeks alone, Calvin has generated over 12 million impressions on his platform, reaching people from all walks of life who are eager to learn more about his lifestyle and his journey.

Apart from Twitter, Calvin has also created a massive following on TikTok, with 60,000 followers tuned in to his unique content; and the number just keeps on rising every day. One of his viral videos on Tiktok achieved over six million views. But Calvin does not just use his platform to engage audiences worldwide or showcase his talents. His videos on TikTok are providing marketing support for global rapper e40 from a viral video on Twitter. 

On top of cementing his name as one of the stars’ favorite dancers, Calvin is expanding his wings by creating his upcoming clothing line called Kiwiscove. The brand will carry a line of silk-lined hoodies set to bring something rejuvenating in the fashion industry. Kiwiscove is already generating a buzz, and the rising entrepreneur is confident that he will be able to make an impact with his clothing line.

For the cherry on top, Calvin recently debuted as an artist in the music industry with his first three tracks, wrapped together in his EP entitled KiwisCove Vol.1. After working with so many big names in the music scene, Calvin feels that it is high time for him to stop being in the background and start dancing in the music videos of his own songs. Calvin has always worked his way to the top, and with everything going on in his career, thriving in every aspect, he truly is an unstoppable force.

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