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Upcoming NFT Community Wonkey Donkey to Award $600,000 Worth of ETH to Lucky Winners

Emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community Wonkey Donkey has yet to formally announce its whitelist sale and public sale on Discord, but it is already attracting thousands of serious investors and digital art collectors with the announcement of its mind-blowing rewards. The token community recently announced that it would be giving away more than $600,000 worth of Ethereum (ETH) to lucky winners, and along with it comes additional prizes, including a PS5, $5,000, two more NFTs, and inclusion in the whitelist sale. Without a doubt, these rewards are some of the biggest prizes ever introduced in the metaverse. 

Somewhere down the line, 10% of the total funds raised during minting will be put aside as prizes for holders. The rarity of the owners will determine the prizes they will receive. Five NFTs with a multicolored shine will receive 4 ETH each, 10 NFTs with a gold shine will win 2 ETH each, 15 NFTS with a silver shine will win 1 ETH each, and 20 NFTs with a bronze shine will win 0.5 ETH each. Meanwhile, 15 ETH will be reserved for random NFT holders after 48 hours from the time of the launch. These will be raffled off to 15 random winners. Additionally, an additional $300,000 will be divided among three main prizes.

The Wonkey Donkey is a collection of unique and cool donkeys that wish to eradicate the cruelty that donkeys are made to go through. Their interesting story began when a den of donkeys experienced neglect from their careless farm owners. For the most part of their lives, they were mistreated and experimented on by cruel people. Today, the donkeys are seeking retribution in the metaverse by using their special powers, a product of the repeated experiments done on them, and seek justice for their sad plight. 

The Wonkey Donkey museum showcases awe-inspiring artworks of donkey characters featuring a wide array of traits. When looking at the characters, the abuse they went through is apparent, prompting people to be aware of the cruelties they have to bear while in the custody of their heartless farm owners. There is a donkey character in chains with multiple injections directed towards it while a sword is lodged through its head. Others have arrows through their ears and button eyes. Once they are minted, the characters will come with different background colors, weapons, clothing, headgear, lips, and hair. 

In the future, the Wonkey Donkey community will be releasing a comic book that will highlight the adventures of a donkey squad that aim to fight their previous owners. There will be limited releases, and the proceeds from these comic books will be donated to charity and other fund campaigns. Specifically, the community will support initiatives that maintain money sanctuaries and fund those that advance anti donkey cruelty campaigns. 

The Wonkey Donkey roadmap reveals that a huge donation will be released to a charity once minting reaches 25%. This phase will also signal the beginning of the comic book production. Halfway through minting, there will be a huge celebrity drop, and the Donkey Den NFT Staking Games begins its production. At 75%, the villains will be introduced, and the first release of the Wonkey Donkey comic book will be undertaken. When minting is completed, the monthly comic book drop will begin, and the launching of the Donkey Coin will be introduced. Additionally, The Villains NFT Collection will also be introduced to holders.

In addition to these exciting rewards, holders of the token will also receive benefits from Digital Fever, which is the team behind the collection. These benefits include whale groups and communities and networking events. 

The community has yet to announce the official prizes per token. Interested investors are strongly advised to follow the community’s social media accounts or announcements on its official launching dates. 

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