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US Reporter – Business Professionals To Know About in 2022

The world of business can be very demanding and not everyone has the necessary skills to be successful. We gathered some of the leading business professionals in their respective industries to gain insight into what makes a successful business, and what the future holds for them. Continue reading to find out what they have to say.

Kev King Kouyoumijan

Kev King Kouyoumijan is an American business professional and the CEO of World Tech Toys. World Tech Toys is one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, but they weren’t always the massively successful company they are today. Kev took World Tech Toys from being a dream and built the company up to become a primary manufacturer that holds contracts with major companies such as Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Costco, Kohl’s, and many more. In addition to the leading retail companies Kev has secured as distributors, he also holds licensing rights from the biggest names in entertainment like Marvel, DC, Disney, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, and other important name brands. Kev has always found inspiration from his family and works hard to give them the best life possible. King is constantly looking for new ways to expand and World Tech Toys continues to work on new licenses and reach new international markets. To learn more about Kev King Kouyoumijan click here.

Stephen Scoggins

Stephen Scoggins is an American serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and creator of the Transform U Life Mastery system. Transform U Life Mastery is a program that is dedicated to helping people find their purpose in life, and giving them the tools and resources needed to make their ideal self image the reality. Scoggins is inspired by helping people become the best version of themselves and finds value in helping people actualize their full potential. Stephen has successfully founded and operated many businesses in various industries such as construction, real estate, and thought leadership. He uses his real life experiences from his personal life and career to cultivate best in his Transform U students and his employees. Moving forward Stephen is excited to continue developing a positive, high energy culture for everyone he works with and meets. To learn more about Stephen Scoggins click here.

Patrick Ductant

Patrick Ductant is an American business professional and President of Billionaire’s Row Global. Billionaire’s Row Global is a global luxury brand who specializes in marketing and developing luxury goods for affluent entrepreneurs looking to take their trendsetting ideas to market. Patrick is still young but he is set apart from other professionals by his ability to use his upbringing as motivation to manifest success and stay humble. Ductant co-founded Billionaire’s Row and his humble approach to business and relationships has and continues to serve him and the company well. Patrick puts other people first, and works hard to create a positive work culture for the team at Billionaire’s Row. Patrick is a firm believer that good companies do two things right: they provide excellent customer service, and build a high quality core system that can’t be duplicated. The company is well known and works with notable brands and organizations like Rolls Royce, the Oscars, the Grammys, and even the US Open. On a professional and individual level, Patrick sees the future as an opportunity to create something better for the next generation. To learn more about Patrick Ductant click here.

Collin McDowell

Collin McDowell is an American business professional and real estate veteran. Collin is a partner and the Vice President of Garrett Realty Partners. As a Forbes Real Estate contributor, McDowell stays up to date with new technology and is very well versed in the modern real estate market. Collin has achieved success in the real estate industry by following one simple mantra: Under promise and over deliver. This valuable insight allows Collin to constantly impress and exceed expectations whether he is working with an employee, an investor, or a client. McDowell is known for his dedication to elevating other people to help them succeed, and he truly enjoys doing things that help his local community. Collin stated that the future of real estate is changing fast with new technology, and we will see the role of realtors change moving forward. Beyond his career, Collin is a dedicated husband and father who finds joy in watching his kids grow up. To learn more about Collin McDowell click here.

Eric Pereira

Eric Pereira is an American business professional and serial entrepreneur who founded Automated Ecom Store. Pereira and Automated Ecom Store offer Walmart ecommerce automation solutions, Amazon FBA, and even credit repair services. Eric has used his opportunistic vision to build many businesses and has found success through his willingness to take risks. Pereira stated: “Ecommerce coupled with Amazon’s FBA program creates a user-friendly experience that will be the future of passive income.” Automated Ecom Store currently manages over 150 Walmart stores and 300 Amazon stores, with eight warehouses that they use for shipping and handling returns in house. In the future, Pereira wants to keep growing Automated Ecom Store and he looks forward to diving deeper into the ways that FBA can optimize dropshipping. To learn more about Eric Pereira or Automated Ecom Store click here.

Keith Roseberry

Keith Roseberry is an American serial entrepreneur who strives to create new opportunities for himself and others. In 2017 Keith was a typical college student who wanted to do better for himself and make money easier. Roseberry was inspired by FOREX traders online and soon started educating himself and joining online groups to learn the space. It took Keith about a year to master the skillset required to be a consistently successful FOREX trader. Once he mastered FOREX trading Keith didn’t stop there. With six-figure years in 2018, 2019, and 2020 Roseberry was tired of active income and stepped into the real estate investment and ecommerce industries and successfully capitalized on his drive to build passive income. Keith also launched Income Producers Network, a community that is dedicated to helping others achieve their own financial freedom. Income Producers Network is an information hub that offers business investment, real estate, and stock market tips. To learn more about Keith Roseberry and join Income Producers Network click here.

Rudy Treminio

Rudy “El Patronn” Treminio is an American business professional and author who brings a new level of innovation to the automotive industry. Even though Rudy has been a big name in the automotive industry, he prides himself on being a lifelong educator and motivator. Known by the name El Patronn, he is the General Manager at Brooklyn Volkswagen and Brooklyn Mitsubishi, a Managing Partner at Luxury Euro Cars, and an Advisory Board Member at Dealer Innovations Dash. In addition to his work in the automotive sector, El Patronn authored the book “Gamechanger” which helps people who are new to the car business avoid common pitfalls and learn different strategies for success. The book was inspired by Rudy’s experiences and his mentality as a game changer himself. El Patronn has established success by capitalizing on his tireless work ethic and innovative ideas that make him a game changer. To learn more about Rudy “El Patronn” Treminio click here.

Tyree Dillingham

Tyree Dillingham is an American business professional and Financial Empowerment Trainer and Educator. Tyree works with clients from all backgrounds to improve their financial literacy and helps them establish a roadmap to achieve their hopes and dreams. Dillingham is dedicated to educating as many people as possible to spread the message that everyone can take control of their financial future. Everyone can benefit from further financial education and Tyree proves that with clients that range from top athletes and celebrities to local family owned businesses.

Tyree views everyone as an entrepreneur of their own life and went on to state that everyone has a duty to themselves to achieve their dreams and discover their mission in life. As a lifelong educator, Tyree knows that her purpose is to help others. Dillingham aspires to reach over one million families with her message, and as the world changes she wants to change the distribution of financial services that we see today. To learn more about Tyree Dillingham click here.

Bianca Bucaram

Bianca Bucaram is a nationally recognized business professional and public relations expert. She founded The Bucaram PR Group, one of the most reputable and trusted lifestyle and celebrity centric public relations firms in the United States. She manages clients with incredibly inspirational, empowering missions and millions+ followers in the influencer, music, sports, business, and philanthropic spaces. Her charismatic personality, passion for building personal relationships, and passion for her clients are a sure recipe for success and a lot of fun!

Additionally, Bianca is also well known for her philanthropic work with Maestro Cares (Marc Anthony’s non-profit) as well as the Global Empowerment Mission, helping bring over $800,000 to aid Texas during the winter storms. Bianca looks forward to finding new ways to align with clients and deliver results. To learn more about Bianca Bucaram click here.

Ryan Stephens

Ryan Stephens is an American real estate professional and the founder of #LetsTalkRealEstate, a San Diego based podcast and organization that educates the next generation about real estate. Ryan has established success as a realtor at a young age by taking traditional real estate practices and livening them up with modern approaches and technology. Ryan’s authenticity, good intentions, and work ethic set him apart from the competition as a trustworthy professional that people want to learn from. Real estate is a constantly evolving industry and Stephens stated that as technology progresses, the most effective way to stay viable as a realtor will be to combine proven old-school real estate techniques with the advanced technology that is readily available. Ryan is excited about the growth of his brand, #LetsTalkRealEstate and he is driven by the desire to grow the organization from a local source of information to a national community that helps people across the country grow and learn. Ryan is extremely grateful to his family and friends who helped him reach this point, and can’t wait to see where the future takes him. To learn more about Ryan Stephens click here.

Haider Naeem

Haider Naeem is a digital marketing professional and the founder of Glory Digital Marketing Agency. Glory Digital Marketing Agency is a full service agency that offers a wide range of services. Haider is dedicated to the improvement of his organization, and just this year they have allocated over $100,000 to training and development. As a one stop shop, Glory Digital Marketing Agency can help clients with websites, advertising, SEO optimization, graphic design, and even email and SMS marketing campaigns. Haider is excited for the future and the changes it will make to the marketing industry. He stated that print and copy advertising is coming to an end, and it’s important for businesses to stay up to date or else they will become obsolete.

Haider is also looking forward to expanding the company’s marketing strategies to reach more platforms. To learn more about Haider Naeem click here.

Terrence Murphy

Terrence Murphy Sr. is an American real estate entrepreneur, investor and business coach. Before Terrence’s debut in the world of business, he was a record setting collegiate athlete and NFL player for the Green Bay Packers. After his football career, Murphy stepped into real estate as an investor and agent. Terrence was able to produce over $1 billion in real estate sales in just 8 ½ years with his start-up independent brokerage, TM5 Properties. TM5 was one of the fastest growing privately owned brokerages in Texas before merging with EXP Realty spring of this year. Murphy’s excellent work ethic and dedication that served him well on the football field translated directly into real estate and he has been the maker of his own success. Terrence offers a business coaching program for other real estate entrepreneurs to hone their skills and mentality. In addition to his success as an entrepreneur, Terrence hosts a new podcast called Real Estate Entrepreneur with Terrence Murphy with over 35,000 downloads in the first 10 months this year. In the future, Murphy wants to continue expanding his team. Currently through expansion TM5 is in over 15 states and 2 countries in the last 7 months and Terrence wants the company to be in all 50 states in the next 24 months. He also leads over 20+ companies that fall under his Terrence Murphy Companies brand. To learn more about Terrence Murphy, click here.

Justin Fontenelle is a Belgian American real estate entrepreneur and the principal broker of Brokerage Trust Realty. Fontenelle has seen success domestically, but has also successfully connected international investors with American real estate assets. Justin and Brokerage Trust Realty have built a reputation for operating with ethics, transparency, and passion because they truly enjoy what they do. Taking a personalized approach to every client allowed Fontenelle to be the only one to survive the recent market correction in Detroit. Justin takes a long term approach to real estate investing and stated that “We are consistent in their altruistic approach to provide value in the marketplace. As the future of real estate changes it is important to diversify, especially as a real estate investor.” Fontenelle has plans to acquire more properties and move into flipping and selling homes to hedge more capital for investors. Justin made an impact on the marketplace within four years of coming to the United States and is now developing a course to educate people about the real estate industry. To learn more about Justin Fontenelle, click here.

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