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US Reporter’s 10 Most Commended Brands in 2021

Publicity is great, more so, the advantages of advertising and marketing to the success of any business. However, aside from what a business or brand says about itself, people want a brand they can trust; they want more than what the ads say or the marketing strategies employed by the brand. In 2021, as well as in the last five years, consumers are more likely to patronize a brand that is heavily recommended, primarily by other consumers, because “a brand is no longer what it says it is, instead, it is what its consumers and customers say it is.”

In this post, we rely on consumer recommendations and reviews to develop a “top 10 list of the most recommended brands” that every first-time customer can trust and get behind. With this list, potential customers have comprehensive information on what each brand stands for, and most importantly, what people are saying about the brand.

  1. Cony

Cony is one of the biggest musicians being talked about at the moment. Cony’s name has been mentioned in conversations with some of the biggest names in the industry from award winning Hip Hop stars such as BOW WOW, THE GAME, ZAYTOVEN, and more. Cony is a songwriter, singer, rapper, and now he can add entrepreneur to his name  Cony’s name has been seen on Billboards in some of the biggest cities like Times Square and Atlanta. Sources say Cony has been making a transition going behind the music leaving the spotlight and focusing on songwriting for artists and helping them market their music, etc.

Instagram: @scream_cony

  1. Breona

Breona Wilson is a rising young African-American model from Salt Lake City, Utah, who, despite her petite 5’4 and a half figure, has managed to build a name for herself in the highly competitive modeling industry. She was discovered by a modeling agency when she was only 13 years old, and the years that followed proved to be exciting and very fulfilling for Breona as she conquered runways and did countless photo shoots and commercials. She has also appeared in movies doing minor roles. 

She is best known for her charming and lovable personality since she started out in the industry. She is well-loved by the people she has worked with, from photographers to agents and brand executives. She is going independent and is launching her own solo campaign in the near future. 


  1. Re-Wyne Clothing Brand

The Re-Wyne Clothing Brand is an emerging and powerful brand that is defined by its founder’s faith, strength, and determination to make the most of life no matter how challenging it may get. Re-Wyne produces statement shirts and hoodies that clients can wear proudly to express their mood, character, and perspective in life. Mostly, it best represents individuals who have an inclination toward fashion and want to share their inspiring life message to encourage others. 

Re-Wyne is a brand for everyone who has ever been at the bottom of life, struggled to survive, and came out unscathed in the end. It brings a message of hope and courage to those who are battling adversities and are looking for a source of strength and motivation. The brand is constantly at work to impact communities and make a difference among others while creating a lifestyle worth emulating. 


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  1. Patrick Beck

Patrick Beck’s brand encompasses many aspects of social media. Mainly centered around glass art and online auctions, he has been able to grow into a brand with a clothing line, a quarter of a million followers, investing opportunities, and even inventions such as the Warp Speed Formula and Committees that created the COVID vaccination in record time. This was endorsed by Donald Trump himself. He even has a coffee product line and celebrity engagement company that both offer great products for consumers and businesses. He recently broke into the music industry with two new albums that he recorded in Dubai while looking for business partners as an Ambassador and visiting his family’s Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi for their wedding. His art has been so powerful, it has launched opportunities for him to travel the world and start new businesses, the most recent being a social media advertising agency. You can find their products through the link tree below! 


  1. EdgeCross-X

Marcela Iglesias and Steven Berman have always been passionate about three things: entrepreneurship, fitness, and family

In early 2018, the pair created EdgeCross-X, the ultimate fitness training system. The unique technology utilizes a mix of body weight, balance, and leverage, to shed the core and all muscle groups simultaneously. In doing so, users can achieve an incredible, full body workout in the shortest amount of time possible. The EdgeCross-X is composed of 4 components: the main EdgeCross-X unit, the balance wheel, resistance bands, and stability block attachment.

However, even though it is light and portable, it provides a killer workout. Every single muscle of the body is challenged, and the abdominals and core are positively blasted.

They were recently honored to be named by the LA TIMES as The Top Cutting-Edge Fitness Gear in 2020. Word then spread, and their equipment is now being used by IronMan and top Olympic level athletes around the world. While the equipment is set up to challenge even the top athletes, it is perfect for every fitness level and will work for someone just starting their fitness journey. 


Instagram: @edgecrossx 

Facebook: @EdgecrossX 

TikTok: @edgecrossx 

  1. Dynesty Entertainment

Andre Yarbrough is a self-made music artist and record label owner who is best known as Mu Diamonds as a hip-hop music artist. He also goes by the name Damu to some of his peers in the industry. He established Dynesty Entertainment eight years ago to provide an accommodating avenue for aspiring artists to create their music while getting the support of a company they can consider family. 

As a hip-hop artist, he released his  debut mixtape titled Still Dunkin on June 17, 2014, and went on to become well-known among music fans. His work is inspired by his desire to rise from his difficult past, having been shot twice in a drive-by shooting, ending up paralyzed from the waist down, and incarcerated for a parole violation. He set his eyes on becoming the first paraplegic superstar in the music industry to inspire others to pursue their dreams passionately. 



Instagram: @thereal_mudiamondsde


  1. Steven Czyrny

Steven Czyrny is the founder of The Analyst Agency, an award winning market research & business development irm in the United States, Canada, & India that works for advertising agencies, banking and financial institutions, healthcare companies, real estate and construction developers, law firms, and more.

He has experience of collaborating with over 75 different companies including startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between—and is a consultant to B2B and B2C companies, guiding marketing, sales, and process improvement strategies.

Committed to continued learning, he is a member of various professional organizations, including the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the American Management Association (AMA), the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and the World Research Alliance (WRA.)

Czyrny is a graduate of both St. Bonaventure University and West Virginia University and has certifications in Business Analysis from the University of Minnesota and Inbound Marketing from Hubspot.


Twitter: @stevenczyrny 


  1. is a 501 (c((3) nonprofit organization helping warriors, children, families, and communities to start “Living to Love,” focused on breaking the cycle of domestic violence, racism, and hunger.

Mission: To create a snowball effect; teaching those, how to teach others. Together building a stronger healthier community.

Vision: Through sensible solutions, we strive to contribute to a world where people can live free from violence, discrimination, and circumstances of poverty. Maximizing every opportunity available to fulfill our mission.

2gether as 1 helping transform lives as quickly as possible.


Instagram: @mad21_org 

  1. 7ClubMarketing

7ClubMarketing is an emerging marketing agency that specializes in giving exceptional marketing consulting services, creating marketing plans, and turning these plans into reality for world-class clients who are working to establish themselves as a formidable brand online. The agency also creates websites, offers SEO services to ensure clients rank well online, and finds new ways of increasing traffic online by leveraging the power of several social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

The hardworking team behind 7ClubMarketing always makes sure to exceed client expectations. By maintaining a healthy and progressive work culture, members of the team remain highly motivated, productive, and committed to high performance, client success, and constant improvement. This same work culture has enabled the company to stay intact and strong throughout several seasons since it was established, and it will continue to help clients reach their goals in the future through excellent services. 



  1. MVision

Maury Noun and his organization MVision have generated millions of dollars in revenue for its clients. It is a hidden gem in the outsourcing industry, utilizing an overlooked talent pool out of Lebanon. He is the first person to launch a call center operation of this magnitude from Lebanon to the US market and, in less than a year, created more than 100 jobs for the women of Lebanon. The clients of MVision highly value the service it provides because the staff MVision offers is extremely overqualified and they speak perfect English. Clients of MVision love that when they utilize the service, it is undetectable that the callers are offshore & MVision prides itself on this fact. On the MVision website, there are both audio samples of the agents and a video introduction about the company that prove the agents speak perfect English. They can be checked out at MVision services almost all industries, including but not limited to insurance, legal, SaaS, real estate, warranty renewals, non-bank lenders, finance, blue-collar, marketing and advertising services and many more niches.



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