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US Reporter’s 20 IG Accounts to Follow in 2021

The enforcement of nationwide lockdowns has caused a spike in online activity. Since individuals are encouraged to stay home and left to their devices, social media platforms have collected record-breaking statistics in usage.

However, as more people begin to join popular applications, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide which internet personalities hold positive impacts on their users and which ones perpetuate discouraging ideas. 

Thus, a list of inspirational figures on Instagram has been compiled to ease the process. From motivating followers to achieve success to daily doses of optimism everyone wants to see on their feed, these individuals are brimming with passion for elevating those within their reach. 

For a stress-free and uplifting scroll through the platform, here are the Top 20 IG accounts to follow:

  1. Conor McGregor

Source: UFC

At only 31 years old, Conor McGregor, known as “The Notorious,” holds a record of 22 wins, five losses, and zero draws in his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighting career. The professional mixed martial artist and boxer is the first UFC featherweight and lightweight double-champion, knocking out scores of opponents in the process.

His dream to enter the ring as a professional first began when he started training as a child. At the time, Conor was determined to defend himself in any situation and later developed a love for martial arts. This led to a fruitful fighting career where Conor was lauded for his 13 first-round finishes and 24 wins by knockout in both the boxing and the UFC ring, one of which ended in only four seconds.

Instagram: @thenotoriousmma


  1. DJ Khaled

Source: ABC

American media and music personality DJ Khaled is a renowned disc jockey, producer, performer, author, and songwriter best known for his signature opening line on tracks—“DJ Khaled!” 

Before rising to unprecedented success, DJ Khaled first worked as a radio host in the 1990s. Under the position, he was connected with the Terror Squad, where he first spun the record and gained attention for his musical prowess. This led to his gold-certified debut album Listennn… the Album in 2006.

To satisfy the growing clamor, he consecutively released We the Best in 2007 and We Global in 2008 before taking a two-year break and returning to the industry with Victory. The artist’s subsequent discography includes nine more albums, with the latest being chart-climbing Khaled Khaled in 2021. 

Instagram: @djkhaled 

YouTube: DJ Khaled

  1. Pitbull

Armando Christian Pérez, better known as Pitbull, is a famous music artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Easily recognized for his audial signature “Mr. Worldwide,” Pitbull is an international chart-topping success with numerous collaborative hits such as “Timber (featuring Kesha),” and Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor.”

The rapper’s lauded discography includes the masterpieces “M.I.A.M.I.,” “El Mariel,” “The Boatlift,” “Pitbull Starring in Rebelution,” “Armando,” “Planet Pit,” “Global Warming,” “Globalization,” “Dale,” “Climate Change,” and his latest album Libertad 548 released under his label Mr. 305 Records in 2019.

Outside of his musical prominence, Pitbull is the co-owner of the NASCAR Cup Series team Trackhouse Racing. He is also a philanthropist with some of his advocacies lodged in education, ending world hunger, cancer treatments, and worldwide aid. 

Instagram: @pitbull 

YouTube: Pitbull 

  1. Jay Jay Jr.

Jay Jay Jr is an upcoming hip-hop artist who hopes to inspire others to continue and chase their dreams against all odds. He has overcome major medical hurdles, as he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a young age and was told by medical experts that he would not live past the age of 5. Now, turning 28 in October, and also pursuing a medical degree along with his music career, he hopes to capture the hearts of those who want a reason to keep striving to pursue their dreams no matter the obstacles or odds.

Instagram: @jayjay_13130

  1. Jeff “The Shredneck” Lavin

Jeff “The Shredneck” Lavin is a snowboarder, surfer, inspirational speaker, #1 selling author with his book Get Awesome, award-winning snowboard shaper/designer, but most importantly an adventure-prenuer dedicated to helping people become free range humans, finding their true north, guiding them to chart their navigational path, recruit, and hire their crew. He strives to be a beacon of positivity while sharing as much value and adventures on his platform.

Instagram: @theshredneck


  1. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is a penny stock trader and the founder of Cilantro Fund Management, a short-biased hedge fund, using $1 million mainly from his friends and family. Sykes graduated from Tulane University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a minor in business. He is best known for turning $12,415 of bar mitzvah gift money into $1.65 million by day trading during his time as a student at Tulane University.

Sykes self-published An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund in 2007. The book documented Sykes’ experiences from day trading in college to becoming a wealthy hedge fund manager.

Instagram: @timothysykes

  1. Jay Angel Latigo

Jay Angel Latigo is an independent artist who has over 4 million streams on SoundCloud. This artist is also featured in NY Weekly. You can stream his music on SoundCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. CashTag CashApp: :$BrowntownMexican, follow his Instagram.

Instagram: @browntownmexican

  1. Santana Da Don

Born and raised in New Jersey, Santana Da Don is the next name to conquer the hip-hop scene. Having started making music at nine years old, the artist is a veritable expert in crafting good sound and riding hard-hitting beats.

With childhood influences of the same caliber as Jay-Z and a dream built from seeing his mother work two jobs, Santana Da Don is a force to be reckoned with, giving listeners a taste of real hip-hop and positive rap music. His first group, Intense, launched with Push and Chris Vega, allowed the artist to refine his sound and explore possible stages.

Santana Da Don’s creativity has earned him publications in Artist Weekly and the Music Observer, and a loyal following on Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and YouTube.

Instagram: @santanadadon_

YouTuber: Santana Da Don

  1. Kerry Mensior

Kerry Mensior is the founder of Tomorrow’s Police Officer. His highly interactive and engaging Communications Mastery courses show you how to quickly develop rapport, effectively communicate, De-Escalate and negotiate in all situations, including with people in emotional turmoil and in high-stakes business deals.

A 30-year law enforcement veteran, Kerry is the consummate First Responder. He spent nine years in the US Navy Submarine Service, is a former Firefighter, current EMT, and recently retired as a Police Sergeant. An international speaker and best-selling author, Kerry’s ninja communication skills are easy to understand, easy to remember, and even easier to implement!

Instagram: @TomorrowsPoliceOfficer

  1. Diana Pagano

Diana Pagano and the Make Things Happen movement encourage and promote personal development, crossing barriers and cultural boundaries imposed on today’s society. It is honest, raw, and compelling. Stirring an emotion and belief, as told by her audience, “making it impossible to second guess what she says.” Geared to bringing tangible results while giving her audience the tools they need to prosper.

Diana is the VP, Sales and People Operation of ITI, Inc and the founder of the Make Things Happen movement. A licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, she has a deep passion for showing others how to make things happen and achieve the results they desire faster. Diana is a wife and mother of four children ranging from college to preschool age.

Instagram: @iamdianapagano

Facebook: Diana Pagano

LinkedIn: Diana Pagano

  1. Engelbert Perez

Engelbert Perez is a young entrepreneur coming from Winter Haven Florida, helping business owners establish their online presence to get them more customers , he does all of this with his company Cogent Lifestyle.

Instagram: @wumzyy

  1. Joshua Henderson South

Thirty-one-year-old Josh South is from North West Virginia and has been a passionate piano player since his childhood. From a very young age, he was inspired to become a cartoonist and eventually an overall architect who is influencing lives on social media. His content is a depiction of his elaborate and artistic lifestyle, and his Instagram is almost like a pop up art gallery at first glance.

One of his many interests since high school includes astrology. He is also gifted in writing plays, blogs, creating vlogs, and posting reviews on the internet. Josh is also into acting, and he often tries to come up with unique ways to incorporate it with his music and writing. 

He also invests in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and GNU Recording Studios, believing that they have the potential to give him financial stability in the future. 

Instagram: @joshhsouth

  1. T$WIM

T$WIM is a rapper from Connecticut who now lives in Los Angeles, California and is starting to make a name for himself on the music scene with a new type of sound that he brings from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Instagram: @tswimworldwide

  1. Tim Smith

Tim Smith is a seasoned talent developer, founder, and CEO of Talented Independent Music LLC. For more than a decade, Tim Smith has played a major role in the discovery and management of many talents, and that has been the core of his mission for all those years. Beyond talent development, he’s also passionate about public safety and always demonstrates that in his personal and professional activities.

Recently, Independent Music LLC launched an apparel line, and part of its mission is to help people buy safe and comfortable walking shoes for work that also keeps them comfortable throughout their working hours. Currently, Tim is working on product placement with film and TV while looking for resellers to amplify the marketing efforts. As he continues to help make independent talents achieve their dreams, he’s also working on making comfortable shoes available for people.

Learn more about Tim a Smith and Talented Independent Music LLC on the official Instagram page.

Instagram: @thesouthjerseymovement

  1. Sisi Gonzalez

Seomara “Sísí” Gonzalez is the Director of Client Services for 180 South Group, one of NYC’s leading brand management companies responsible for building some of our favorite brands, as well as producing massive music festivals and pop culture events around the globe. 

As the house that created groundbreaking retail collaborations for the likes of Katy Perry and Samsung, 180 South has turned its attention towards redefining immersive brand experiences. 

With Sísí now integrating into the operations of this trendsetting company structure, it’s no wonder her Instagram account is one of the hottest and most exciting to follow this year. 

Instagram: @seomaragonzalez

  1. Tabitha Brownstone

Tabitha Brownstone is an LA actress and comedian who is taking the internet by storm with her hilarious viral impressions, character videos, and photos on her Instagram. Check her out at @tabitha_bs (her last name is Brownstone, it’s no BS, we can promise you that!).

Instagram: @tabitha_bs

  1. Mariea Antoinette

Mariea Antoinette is an internationally renowned music genius, held as the world’s premier soulful harpist and a celebrated national recording artist. 

A native of San Diego, California, Mariea Antoinette is a proud alumna of the University of California S.D. and the University of Arizona, where she pursued a master’s degree in harp performance. Her learned techniques and mastery over the instrument have taken her across the country and abroad. 

Mariea Antoinette is recognized for her performances with the Los Angeles Southeast Symphony Orchestra, for the BET Awards, American Idol, and former United States president and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama.

Her stages and discography, “Gloria: Angels We Have Heard On High – Single,” “Sexy Paradise,” “Straight From The Harp,” “Overture,” “That Thing,” “All My Strings,” “My Favorite Things,” along with her latest masterpiece “Loving You” featuring Fattburger, has made Mariea a prestigious instrumentalist, advancing a love for heart-wrenching music and harp performances worldwide. 

Instagram: @marieaantoinette 


  1. Wade Bassford

Wade Bassford, referred to as W. Beezy for short and professionally known as NineXRuff (pronounced “Nine Times Ruff”) is an American hip-hop artist, entrepreneur, and community activist from Des Moines, Iowa. Currently streaming his major industry debut featuring Mika Mae, an artist from Chicago, on Major Outlets such as Pandora, iTunes/AppleMusic, GooglePlay Music, Deezer, Spotify, in addition to having released Bigg Plugg (2010) and ThaDean (2008). 

He founded the first artist owned Major Record Label in 2001 named Illyricum Entertainment, having the title of a forgotten place that resonated with him and his not-so-well-to-do upbringing. Appointed a Music Commissioner in 2006 for His home, Des Moines, Iowa, and has been named a Scenester in 2010 by The Des Moines Register. Currently Partner and Director at 515 Studio Lodge, CEO at Illyricum Ent. LLC., Founding Member of Des Moines Music Coalition (, and Diversifying into other industries through a new parent company expected to be announced June 2021. 

He is an innovator of new business models in entertainment and has been building entertainment infrastructure as a philanthropist, volunteer, and businessman since he was barely of age.

Facebook: NineXRuff

  1. Mike Ruga

Resident class clown Mike Ruga has recently taken his middle school and high school reputation to social media channels. Held as the Instagram viral sensation taking over the Internet, Mike is responsible for uncontainable laughter worldwide.

Mike’s passionate pursuit for comedy began when a teacher told him that he would never amount to anything. Driven to prove otherwise, he began to post humorous skits and takes in 2016. When his viewer count took off, Mike started to experiment with other themes and successfully developed hilarious content for his viewers—eventually captivating renowned personalities such as the blogger ItsBizkit, Drake, and Snoop Dogg.

Now, with over 326,000 Instagram followers and over a hundred thousand views per video, Mike Ruga is recognized as a coveted celebrity comedian. With his uncanny ability to break the ice and render his audience paralyzed with laughter, it won’t be long before Mike graces television screens and movie sets.

Instagram: @mikeruga 

  1. Candy Bowen

Candy Bowen, Associate Broker Realty Executives Arizona Territory, is among the most trusted, top-producing and influential realtors in Arizona to clients, her community, and business community leaders. Candy has won numerous awards for real estate, is a top producer, social media influencer, strong proponent of women in business, educator, mom, Navy veteran, former law enforcement officer and a strong, confident, successful mentor and role model. She is not only a monster at sales, she is heavily involved in the real estate leadership community, committed to making the real estate industry better as a whole, does speaking events sharing her vast expertise and is a committed supporter of the local community and local charities.

Instagram: @candybowenrealtor

TikTok: @candybowenarizona


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