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Using Chalkboard Helps Small Business Owners Compete

When you’re starting out in business, it can be tough. Small business owners have to suddenly become experts in marketing, sales, customer service, and more. Then there are the financial outlays such as IT, office space, and stock. So, when it then comes to looking at how your clients will get in touch with you, there might be a temptation to start looking at expensive switchboards or an additional mobile phone.

Thankfully, the chalkboard app means that you can get a second phone number for use in your business for the same cost as a weekly cup of coffee! Now, we know that probably sounds too good to be true, but this app’s functionality could be a game-changer for the small business owner.

In this article, we will look at the key functionality and benefits of the app, but for all the information you need on this great business tool, take a look at

The Features Offered by the Chalkboard App

A second phone number in itself can be a great asset, but the Chalkboard app offers several other features that take it head and shoulders above other solutions.


It always seems that important calls come in at the exact moment in time when you just can’t answer the phone. Maybe you’re driving or in a meeting that you can’t break off from. Chalkboard has this nifty feature that sends a pre-written autoreply message to the caller. Now they know that the reason you didn’t answer the call wasn’t just because you couldn’t be bothered! 

Having received the message, the client now knows when to expect your call back, and that should stop them from getting in contact with your competitors instead! 

Review aggregation

It’s pretty standard now to turn to the review sites before getting in touch with a business. Whether booking a hotel room, a table at a restaurant, or finding someone to fix the roof, we feel more confident detailing with a company that others recommend.

However, getting reviews from clients can be challenging, not to mention time-consuming. This is where the automatic review request functionality within Chalkboard can be a huge help. The app allows you to connect it to your accounts on sites such as Facebook and Google My Business to automate the complete process!

Review notification

If you’ve ever found yourself doing hourly checks of review sites just in case a client provides feedback, then you no longer need to lose all that time. Chalkboard sends you a notification when you receive a review, meaning that you can forget all about them until you get that message.

Simple Set-up

High tech is all well and good, but if it’s going to take up a considerable amount of time, effort, and frustration to set up, then all the benefits begin to disappear. Chalkboard is simple to activate, and you simply download the app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store, depending on the type of phone you have. 

Once that’s done, then there are simple guides on the Chalkboard site to take up step by step through setting it up.  


I know what’s going through your head now – how much will this cost me? Well, first of all, Chalkboard provides a free trial so that you can ensure that it includes everything that you need. You can then sign up for a subscription at the end of the trial. And the cost? Well, that’s going to be less than the price of a coffee at your local drive-through!

No contracts

Small businesses can go through so many changes of direction, which means that any service you sign up for has to have flexibility built-in. Chalkboard allows you to end the contract whenever you no longer need the service. 

Why You Need a Second Phone Number

So, you know all the functions on offer from Chalkboard, but you might now be balancing up the benefits for you and your business. Well, to help you out, here are the top reasons why your small business needs its own telephone number.

  1. Draw the line between work and home life: If you don’t know who the call is from, you’re going to be answering it at times when you should be relaxing. With a separate work number, you can switch it to autoreply when you need some quiet time.
  2. Separate personal and work contacts: everyone has had the embarrassment of sending a message to the wrong person, and while it’s cringe-worthy with your personal contacts, it could be disastrous if it gets sent to a business contact by mistake.
  3. Maintain your privacy: We don’t think twice before handing out a work phone number. However, when that number is your personal mobile, you might be hesitant to give it out quite so readily. 
  4. Professionalism: When you answer your phone to a client, they will expect a professional response. If your work and personal number are the same, you might just slip up and answer in a casual style that just doesn’t fit with your business.

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