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Van Buketi, the First Congolese Entrepreneur to Launch the Largest Leading Travel Platform for All Travelers: All Access Trip 

With travel and tourism coming back to life post-COVID, people are excited to pack their bags and start seeing the world again. Accordingly, travel companies like All Access Trip have now reignited their mission of giving people an easy way to travel.

All Access Trip is a company that desires to fulfill a promise of offering the single most comprehensive travel experience to clients and users. Through award-winning Mobile and Desktop solutions and intuitive products with the largest selection of flights, hotels, and rental cars, All Access Trip can surely keep customers at the center of everything they do. 

The idea of traveling has the connotation that it is inconvenient or very stressful, but this modern travel business offers its clients “the easy way to travel.” They make everything easy from the beginning to the end of the process without worries.

“We are the largest travel agency that provides cheap flights, hotels, rental cars and more. Best fares guaranteed on domestic and international flights,” said Van Buketi. 

Van Travel Business is the parent company of All Access Trip, which offers clients the lowest airfares and the best ticket booking experience they can find. In addition, they keep avid travelers and novices alike well informed with tips, travel hacks, and offbeat secret tourist locations with real-life experiences.

Prospere Van Buketi, the first Congolese entrepreneur to launch the largest leading travel platform for all travelers, is a widely accomplished entrepreneur. Armed with big dreams, Prospere Buketi flew 7,000 miles from the Republic of Congo to the United States in 2014. Almost a decade after he first stepped foot on American soil, the go-getter has managed to rise through the ranks, staying afloat amid a sea of other equally driven self-starters, thanks to his grit, passion, and entrepreneurial acumen.

All Access Trip is known to have good food and being a good company. They believe that these are two fundamental essentials to an unforgettable holiday. Unlike how it was a few years ago, the modern traveler has access to a sea of properties, restaurants, and leisure activities that are featured on many travel websites and blogs. With the heights reached in technology and communication, no two places are entirely isolated. The internet has brought the world together and more opportunities for tourists and travelers to explore beyond the Appalachians.

“Our proud alliance with the most respected names for flights, vacations, hotels, cars, cruises and excursions has enabled us to comb through every choice available and deliver an all-inclusive service to everyone who has reached out to us. That is why we are confident we offer hassle-free and economical travel destinations and flights that are unmatched in any platform, be it online or otherwise,” said Van.

As All Access Trip grows and expands, they are looking at inviting individuals who love to travel and discover the world, company and students. “I see myself as one of the best and top entrepreneurs in the world in the next few years. And by God’s powers, I believe that I will impact the world through my brand,” said Van Buketi. He believes that an entrepreneur is someone passionate about providing and helping other people through their services or brand.

More information about All Access Trip can be found on their website and Instagram. or contact them through 3172796586.

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