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VerifiedMD Launches STD Verification Badge

VerifiedMD Launches STD Verification Badge

In a thoughtful move that has redefined the field of sexual health, VerifiedMD has introduced the first-ever STD verification badge. This is a pioneering initiative by the company to offer a seamless blend of privacy and assurance through a trailblazing product that can transform sexual health. The STD verification badge enables individuals to affirm their STD status discreetly and confidently. 

Marc Cohen, M.D., a board-certified Urologic Surgeon and medical advisor for VerifiedMD, emphasized the badge’s transformative potential, stating, “We understand the importance of open and honest conversations about sexual health among partners. We also understand how uncomfortable those conversations can be.” The VerifiedMD badge plays a crucial role in achieving this goal, simplifying these discussions while enhancing personal and community safety. 

VerifiedMD, a vanguard in sexual health services, has tailored a unique concierge testing service. This service has also made the process of screening common STDs easier. These six common STDs are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Testing can be conveniently done at home by a medical professional or at a nearby lab, and the results will be promptly delivered through an online portal. Individuals who test negative will receive immediate access to their VerifiedMD badge, which is active for one year and displays the first name, last initial, and testing date. 

With an approach to maintain transparency, the badge comes with a shareable link that confirms average test results without divulging any confidential information. This feature is precious in the current dating landscape, where discussing STDs often makes individuals feel awkward. By sporting the badge on dating profiles or sharing it with partners, individuals can easily engage in the STD conversation without uttering a single word. 

VerifiedMD has entered a partnership with BioReference, one of the largest full-service specialty labs in the United States, to ensure that STD testing is both accessible and reliable. When scheduling a test, individuals can choose their preferred testing location online and confirm their identity in person before the appointment. The results are typically available within three to five days. Sometimes, the results can be obtained as soon as the next day. 

This groundbreaking initiative by VerifiedMD is not just about facilitating more effortless conversations around sexual health but also about shifting the paradigm from reactive to proactive. “Sex care is self-care,” as the innovative brand  puts it, highlighting the respect for oneself and others that comes with regular STD testing. The ultimate aim of the VerifiedMD badge is to normalize regular STD screening and to encourage the sharing of results, which can ultimately contribute to a decline in rising STD rates. 

In the future, the introduction of the VerifiedMD badge will mark a significant milestone in the journey towards a healthier and more informed society. The product exemplifies the importance of innovation in the ongoing battle against STDs and also stands against the stigma often associated with them. Through this initiative, VerifiedMD is not only offering a practical solution to a complex problem but is also paving the way for a future where sexual health is viewed through a lens of openness and responsibility.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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