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Vikash Jha is becoming this generation’s leading Contemporary Expressionist Artist

Visual art is an expression of profound talent that has etched many artists’ names in gold and evoked strong emotions in the beholders. Recognizing the potential impact and harnessing his artistic talents is Vikash Jha, a visual artist who has committed himself to transporting his audience to newer realms of beholding art. With art forming an integral part of world history and many notable names getting known for their impact on the world through their art, it is not so surprising that Vikash chose to toe a path where he can make a significant impact. Operating through his studio, Vikash Jha Studios, Vikash showcases transcendental visual expressions to the world.

Sometimes, the works of this India-born artist have been likened stylistically to those of contemporary greats like Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Robert Rauschenberg by art lovers. Acknowledging these are loving yet tall comparisons, and understanding that these are enormous shoes to fill for any artist, leave aside a young artist like Vikash, over the years he has chosen to forge his own path unique to his abilities and style. Vikash also describes art, saying, “Art is my Nirvana. It has been a powerful source to guide me through my life’s troughs and crests, and I believe it can be the same for all of us if we allow it. It is my happy place as it gets me creatively engaged with how colors interplay with one another and how to communicate messages and emotion.” 

Vikash Jha got all the freedom his talents needed to flourish from a young age, and with his parents’ encouragement, he began to explore the things he genuinely enjoyed. He started spending his weekends at a specialized art school where he learned all the formal techniques from his very capable teachers and honed his artistic prowess. Vikash moved to the USA and enrolled in specialized programs at Harvard University and MIT. His journey in the art world has been intentional, fully supported, and relentless.

This Indian American artist is best known for his use of bold colors, multilayered painting techniques, and cross-cultural imagery. He’s always seeking new ways to use and combine materials, from sand glass beads to metal powders, marble powder, cement, discarded materials, and fabrics, among others. “Over my formative years, my close first-hand experiences with both western and eastern cultures gave me the understanding and appreciation of bold expressionist techniques of many western greats as well as the transcendental visual expressions interwoven in my own personality has helped me develop my own unique approach to content, individualistic style and, painting techniques,” he revealed.

Over the last few years, Vikash Jha has projected himself via many platforms and exhibitions, most notable of which is a juried show in New York City organized by MvVO Art which was held at Sotheby’s Fine Art Auction House in February 2018. His works have also been displayed at Oculus at the World Trade Center and many other galleries in New York City. He personally won a lucky draw hosted by Penguin Random House where Jerry Saltz, the New York Magazine’s Senior Art Critic and best-selling author of “How to Be an Artist,” provided critique of one of his works. The Pulitzer-prize-winning art critic said: “You know a fair amount about art. Great sense of color… internal light. Gets viewers engaged from far and….then draws them in… by working back the details. This is important… I think that if this is the least representative of your works, you are in great shape.”

Confluence 3 (2021); Acrylic, marble powder, pastels and other mixed media on canvas (Vikash Jha)

Lending further credence to his credibility and skills are the remarks from the founder and CEO of MvVO Art, Maria Van Vlodrop, which said, “Vikash is an extraordinary talent and the perfect choice for the first solo show in our virtual gallery space. His art is inspirational, and so is his optimism and dedication to seeking out and seizing opportunities to grow his art career. He has great potential and the heart to find an audience for his work.”

Vikash’s latest solo show called “Voyages of Reflections” is now open on Artsy at the MvVO Art Gallery and runs between Aug 2 to 8, 2021. Over twenty of his works have been featured in this show.

For Vikash Jha, being an artist is one thing; even though it’s all he has lived for, his cumulative life experience has played a significant role in his career. Being an Indian-American who has lived in two continents with a finance and business consulting background and a deep connection with art has influenced him greatly, and it’s great to watch him grow as an artist as he continues to create magic through his colorful and insightful experiments.

Find out more about Vikash Jha by visiting his website. Follow him on Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

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