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Visual Artist Philip Noyed Is Set to Revolutionize the Contemporary Art Movement With the Neo Art Space Experience

Throughout history, visual artists have often found a way to break away from the traditional foundations set by the masters before them. Although controversial within the community at the time, each new experiment became a significant movement taught within universities and classrooms. With almost every art form accomplished, it can be difficult for new artists to conjure something unique and never before seen.

The advent of technology allowed people to not only bring their craft to the digital medium but also utilize new devices to create new and innovative art pieces. Among the most prolific names is Philip Noyed.

Philip Noyed is an innovative multimedia artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is best known for creating luminous geometric illumination photographs, LED installations, videos, 3D and VR paintings, and mixed-media installations. Noyed’s art pieces help define the quintessential contemporary art movement as he utilizes creative technology to change how people view art today.

The multimedia artist’s works have been praised by the community, audiences, and critics for being visually captivating and have been described as colorful geometric distortions with kaleidoscopic features. His process of fusing lighting and geometric elements culminate in mesmerizing visual aberrations. 

With time on his hands due to the global pandemic, Philip Noyed has been busy working on a project that is poised to leave his audiences breathless with awe and wonder. The artist is set to introduce his latest virtual reality project to the world this year, known as Neo Art Space.

One of the most incredible milestones that an artist can achieve is going above and beyond themselves. With the Neo Art Space, Noyed outdid himself when he created the first-ever VR experience of its kind, which is designed to give viewers a new adventure while allowing people to experience it together from various locations around the world. The VR experience is anything but ordinary and will feature the most cutting-edge light art the world has seen.

The Neo Art Space will feature thirty otherworldly experiences that come with ethereal music to create an atmosphere that is transformative, mediative, joyful, and promotes healing. The project will allow audiences to move from their everyday 3D experience to transcendent 5D consciousness. Viewers will find themselves emerging from a back hold and onto a walkway that highlights planets, stars, and supernovas.

People who enter the VR experience will be able to explore more than 100,000 square feet and over ten short stories high of art experience. They will also get the unique opportunity to create their own virtual experiences by teleporting through pathways, glowing light caves, planets, radiant forests, and more.

With the Neo Art Space, Philip Noyed wants his audiences to revolutionize their idea of experiencing art. Traditionally, people visit museums to look at art pieces hung on the wall or installed on pedestals. Instead, the artist hopes to use his project to immerse his audiences into the artwork and experience it with all their senses.

“As audiences begin to change their idea of art appreciation, they will also get to know, explore, interact with others, and create in one awe-inspiring and exceptionally exciting space,” said Noyed.

Philip Noyed hopes that he will be able to showcase the Neo Art Space VR experience to audiences throughout America and eventually take his craft to museums, galleries, and communities worldwide.

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