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Vlad Bulban: Abundance Mindset through Financial Literacy

For years, families have always told their children that they would have a stable financial future when they study hard, get good grades, and graduate from college. But that has not been the case recently. Instead, many college-educated individuals are burdened by debt and cannot see the future that earlier generations have talked about. Financial educator Vlad Bulban attempts to help individuals gain control of their finances by encouraging financial literacy. 

Vlad Bulban and his parents immigrated to Canada from Eastern Europe in search of a better life and brighter future. “My parents had lived under communist regimes, so when we moved to Canada with a few suitcases and a dream, they did everything they could to make ends meet.” Vlad shared, “Moving to a capitalist society meant we had to learn new ways of thinking and reframe our entire relationship with money.” As he was growing up, Vlad’s parents instilled in him the mindset of saving, and he often heard the phrase “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Vlad adds, “I was the first person in my family to ever buy a stock, investing had always been a foreign concept to us”.

As a result, he followed the traditional route of going to school to get a job. Vlad Bulban developed a steadfast work ethic and excelled in academics and sports. He eventually earned a degree in Civil Engineering and entered the workforce. Vlad recalled, “After working for a few years in the corporate world, things started to become a lot clearer for me. I began to see just how vast the wealth disparity was between the poor, middle class, and the rich.” This realization was the start of his journey to financial literacy.

In the midst of the pandemic, Vlad Bulban’s father lost his job of twenty years. “That felt like a rude awakening for us,” Vlad said, “My parents are both university-educated; they both have degrees. But I learned that job security is a myth and that hard work and university education are not enough to guarantee success.”

Fortunately, Vlad Bulban was introduced to the world of financial literacy. As a result, he learned new skills and gained a better understanding of financial systems. “We go through so much education, and yet financial literacy is not a priority in schools. Because we aren’t taught how to make our money work for us, money problems are passed down from one generation to the next.” Vlad describes the phenomenon shared by the lower and middle class is exchanging time for money. “Since we only have a limited amount of time, we can only earn a limited amount of money. If we also learn how to exchange our money for more money, the limit does not exist.”

To help the average individual become more financially fit, Vlad Bulban and his team have made it their mission to provide services and learning opportunities that help them gain control of their financial future. “My work with iGenius has empowered people to live smarter and make better use of their hard-earned money. When they have access to financial education, technology, tools, and an affiliate program, our members learn the techniques utilized by the wealthiest people in the world,” Vlad shared.

“What we have built with iGenius is a platform where regular people can start learning and make the most out of the financial markets. We offer a wide range of products and services that will suit all their needs,” Vlad Bulban shared, “Regardless of financial background, culture, or education, iGenius offers a solution through educational opportunities and tools so people can succeed and start creating leverage in their lives.”Vlad Bulban is a financial educator and professional networker traveling the world to help increase financial literacy and provide services and tools for people to make, manage, and save more money. For more information, you can visit the iGenius website or contact Vlad directly through Instagram.

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