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What Anthony Jerdine Brings to the Investment Industry with Over Three Decades of Experience in Real Estate and Financials

Starting a business can be financially risky when putting all one’s money into the project, but to lower the loss, one can always turn to investment companies for help. But with a plethora of investment companies, it can be difficult to choose which to turn to. Foundation Wealth Trust Group is one of the most recent companies to join the investment industry. Despite its inception only in 2016, the company is boosted by the presence of its co-founder Anthony Jerdine whose experience has been a major factor in the company’s presence in the industry.

Anthony Jerdine boasts over 27 years of experience in the real estate and financial industries, having worked as a senior VP and CFO of a private equity real estate firm. He has been a contribution to the industry, having designed, structured, and launched several private investment funds. Additionally, Jerdine has consulted with some of the greatest minds in institutional investments, project management, construction, permanent financing, and manager selection. His experience, which comprises nearly three decades, has been influential in large, multi-family transactions including structured finance and complex trusts, complex tax structures like 1031 exchanges, and private placement memorandums.

While his hustle has been a contributing factor to his success, Jerdine’s background in Morehead State University has played a role in his career, guiding him to pursue real estate investment, development, and financial services. It was there that he was able to build a successful business. Jerdine would also involve himself in continuing education from the Corporate Finance Institute, completing the certifications of a world-class financial analyst engaged in the application of financial modeling, commercial banking, capital markets, and data analysis with CFI’s online courses and certification. 

Throughout his career, Anthony Jerdine has developed a scientific, process-driven approach to investing. Paired with his breadth of experience and knowledge in wealth management and advanced financial planning, they have contributed to his companies and associated progress towards reaching their financial goals. He has been involved in the development and implementation of investment strategies built for high-net-worth families through one of the world’s leading private money managers, further expanding his business and pushing them to make smart decisions regarding finance. 

“I love my profession and the opportunity it gives me to help so many wonderful people around the globe by making their hard-earned money work intelligently for them,” said Anthony Jerdine, “I really identify with that old saying, ‘The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships.’ The relationships I have at home, with my co-workers, and with the associations I serve are what really keeps my motor running.” 

Throughout his career, Jerdine has worked with the global banking elite, entertainers, professional athletes, international business leaders, heads of state, and countless genuinely rechargeable people while sharing in the financial dreams of all his professional associations and private clients to the tune of over $900 million in deal participation.

Anthony Jerdine strives to develop and manage integrated and sustainable international humanitarian infrastructure systems at a first-class level, providing pioneered services to all associates for their success and the necessary support to achieve their corporate vision through shaping the future, developing and adopting technologies, innovations, and premier practices and standards.

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