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What is the Secret of Sensuality of a Young Artist from Los Angeles

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The art of OLY.B, an innovative artist from Los Angeles, is perceived differently by everyone. Some unconsciously close their eyes, while others hold their breath. One thing is certain: OLY.B’s talent leaves no one indifferent. And when the initial emotions subside, the viewer returns to her canvases to not only see but also feel the incredible power of this fragile-looking but very strong girl.

OLY.B’s biography is worthy of becoming a bestseller, as it is filled with intricate plot twists that life itself has offered. But despite any obstacles, OLY.B, like the mystical bird Phoenix, is reborn from the ashes every time and remains the muse’s favorite, like the legendary Pegasus.

Frank and very gentle, OLY.B elegantly creates a magical aura around her, which, like a magnet, attracts everyone who still has room in their heart for mystery.

The main heroine of OLY.B’s paintings is a Woman. With all her mysteries and secrets, sensual emotions and desires, she is flexible and unapproachable at the same time. Hand in hand with her is her Pain, which people inflict on her with their misunderstanding, and Joy – from the realization of her own Strength.

And let the crowd lynch the delicate female Soul with their unscrupulousness, instead of the desired effect, she receives the opposite. With each condemning “lash strike,” the heroine of OLY.B, carefully hiding her passionate nature behind her external coldness, only becomes stronger. Just like the artist herself.

OLY.B’s paintings adorn the bedrooms and living rooms of celebrities in the United States and Europe. Celebrities appreciate the artist’s canvases for their characteristic blend of colors and unique painting technique. “Exquisite” is the word that comes to mind when you look at the canvases of this talented girl.

The ability to tastefully combine stunning shades to convey the fullness of female Pain and Strength to the viewer, to describe in the smallest detail the Nature that gives itself to Obsession and Enjoyment as passionately as any other feeling and which pays too high a price for its Sincerity, makes OLY.B’s canvases truly unforgettable.

Another distinguishing feature of OLY.B is her undeniable talent to show the viewer female Sensuality not as an erotic element, but as a full-fledged emotional quality.

There is no lust or sensuality in OLY.B’s paintings. Only the incredible depth of the pure naked female Soul, thirsting for understanding and gratitude. And it is this that creates a truly powerful effect.

Perhaps that’s why OLY.B’s paintings are often sold even before the art shows where she exhibits begin.

“I could probably paint more paintings, but I prefer to stay true to myself and work only when my heart tells me to,” admits OLY.B when asked about the release date of new collections.

Despite her youth, the artist can boast of group art shows with such giants as Banksy, Mr.Brainwash, Damien Hirst, Shepard Fairey, PunkMeTender, famous for their butterflies, and others.

In addition, OLY.B is the first artist to collaborate on a painting with the legendary Steve Aoki.

This delicate and charming woman has a bright future ahead of her. In anticipation of OLY.B’s new canvases, the world stands still, waiting to loudly exhale, check its pulse, and fall hopelessly in love with her women with the appearance of each new painting.

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