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Where Passion Meets Innovation: The Story Behind SmartAdditions and the ADDVisor

Where Passion Meets Innovation: The Story Behind SmartAdditions and the ADDVisor
Photo Courtesy: The ADDVISOR

The journey of SmartAdditions, a brand known for its innovative product, The ADDVISOR®, isn’t your conventional success story. It starts with Danny Johananoff, a world-renowned photographer and visual artist who spent years exploring winding roads across continents, capturing moments of sheer beauty and uniqueness. Yet, during these adventures, Danny experienced an unexpected obstacle that threatened both his love for travel and his sight.

In 2017, as he was driving through the scenic routes of the U.S. and Europe, Danny experienced an issue caused by sun glare. The glare was not only tampering with his vision but also leaving him with debilitating headaches. Attempting to block the sun’s glare with the car’s built-in visor, alternating between front and side, was a frustrating and distracting challenge – and the distraction posed a risk to his safety.

Danny’s attempts to find a solution to the issue with clip-on sun visor extenders were met with disappointment. These were not only flimsy and largely ineffective but, ironically, compounded his trouble due to their fixed attachment to the car’s visor. Yet, it was this moment of irritation that sparked the seed of innovation.

Danny decided to create a solution. In 2019, Danny shared his ideas with Greg Tucker, an American product manager who had confronted the same problem during his commutes. A mutual recognition of an unmet need gave birth to a unique partnership. With Greg’s product expertise and Danny’s early designs, the duo collaborated on an invention that would culminate in a product that can protect drivers worldwide, The ADDVISOR®.

After a rigorous cycle of research, partner sourcing, prototyping, testing, lasting three years, SmartAdditions introduced The ADDVISOR® in 2022. Their unique brainchild took a bold swing at the sun glare issue, promising, “Two Direction Sun Protection™”. It was certainly not just another car gadget; it was a creation of their shared vision – one of safety, comfort, and uncompromised driving experience.

The success of The ADDVISOR® didn’t just stop at its inception. The company they formed, SmartAdditions, evolved the product following customer feedback, leading to the introduction of The ADDVISOR® Plus, a more advanced, user-friendly version of its predecessor. The duo’s commitment to affordability and accessibility shone through with the launch of The ADDVISOR® Shade in November 2023.

Always true to their promise of improving the driving experience, Danny and Greg take immense pride in The ADDVISOR®’s reception. As one reviewer, Gary W, aptly stated, “This is a very well made product, and I have been able to find nothing else like it. Driving a winding road flipping the visor back and forth is not only annoying, it’s dangerous.”

The tale of SmartAdditions began as a remarkable narrative of turning a personal struggle into a universal solution. It exemplifies how passion and innovation when paired together, can reinvent experiences, rewrite stories, and reform perceptions. As Danny and Greg continue their remarkable journey, they’re not just improving people’s driving experiences; they’re altering the way we view the challenge of sunlight on the road. After all, in the words of George Bernard Shaw, ‘The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.’

Their mission to enhance drivers’ lives continues with a commitment to further innovations and product development. As a testament to this pledge, SmartAdditions has recently launched their new innovative LOUNGE-IT car phone holder. The clever design combines the one-handed convenience of magnets with phone rests for a unique no-slip, secure hold. They started by asking, “why do secure car phone holders require two hands?”, then they created one that didn’t.


Published By: Aize Perez

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