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Why are artificial intelligence companies so hot right now? Helios Life Enterprises is a prime example of this growing trend

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for businesses. AI capabilities are extending the possibilities for how firms approach real-time consumer engagement and operations management. CompTIA reports that 86% of CEOs consider AI mainstream technology in the workspace. Forbes shares that 50% of companies plan to increase their investment in AI and machine learning. Fortune Business Insights also shares that the global AI market is expected to reach $641.3 billion by 2028.

The expansion and innovation of using AI have made the space rife with discourse. Helios Life Enterprises and their application of AI in vocal tone analysis has garnered much attention from businesses, particularly on Wall Street, and have made them a prime example of why AI companies are seeing a lot of growth.

What they do

Helios Life Enterprises have carved a niche in the AI and FinTech space. No other company analyzes the vocal tone of executives to help in investment decision-making in the financial sector. Their technology provides users with emotional information leaked through the voice, which is very difficult to alter and hide. This is revolutionary, given the scripted nature of corporate executives’ speeches and responses during earnings calls and corporate presentations.

The company’s latest offering, Comprehend: Composites, provides investors access to voice tone analytics. The product suite gives users a more comprehensive understanding of what is being discussed in earnings calls and presentations that aren’t readily available at face value and text. Composites provides investors with tonal analysis insights for almost every public US company.

Composites helps investors understand the entire conversation – 40% more, to be exact – through cutting-edge analysis. The tone of voice accounts for 40% of human communication, simply too much to ignore.” CEO Sean Austin shares.

The application of this technology is not limited to finance but to other industries. Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Gerwin Schalk shares, “In addition to the work we do in the financial sector, we are actively investigating use cases in the consumer insights/marketing domains.” 

How Helios changes the game

Applying AI in vocal tone analysis will revolutionize how people gather information. Helios’ application of this technology in the financial sector has already produced tangible results. The launch of their Comprehend: Elite product has drawn a lot of interest from investors, and this is poised to continue with the launch of the aforementioned Composites product suite.

Helios’ technology provides users and early adopters with a competitive advantage in the investment decision-making process. The product provides insights that would be otherwise unavailable through traditional text-based analysis. Investors and analysts alike have already taken notice.

Investors have backed the company’s crowdfunding campaign on Republic, raising 155% of its initial goal. TechCrunch also recognized the company through its inclusion in the Startup Battlefield 200. According to Austin, the TechCrunch inclusion is a testament to Helios’ unique innovations in the domain of voice tone.

AI has the potential to expand people’s understanding of information and intelligence. It has the possibility of helping people gain greater emotional awareness and put this to practical use. AI, like Helios’ vocal tone analysis, is set to add another dimension to processing information.

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